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being of service is merely being in flow with the universe

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Being of service is merely being in flow with the Universe. The quickest way to fall into flow with The Universe is to allow it to use you.

Anything any human has done, you can do too. This is not to say that you are intended to do what they did in the way they did it, but it means that the same potential that exists in them also exists in you. Which means that Oprah or Richard Branson or Amma or whoever you admire is no more special than you. No one is. They are no less special than you either. No one is.

What we see as ‘special’ is their ability to work WITH the Universe and allow their true nature to be revealed. They have learned how to say yes to the highest potential the Universe has in store for them rather than trying to scheme it up themselves. They have surrendered to the Universe and allowed it to work through them. Perhaps they have done so for lifetimes on end and thus they are better at surrendering, but they are no less special or full of potential than you. When you break it down, being of service is merely being in flow with the Universe.

We waste so much time trying to strategise what we should do next, overthinking every move. I am blown away at how many people I admire say when questioned – I didn’t think much about it – it all just kind of happened. THAT is flow. THAT is service. THAT is surrendering to what is rising in you, because what is rising in you IS what the Universe has in store for you. Your highest potential. Your only job is to continue to commune and say YES.

If we bow to this organising principle of the Universe and surrender to it over and over again, our path and purpose and highest possible potential will not just be shown, it will be made real. But if we wait for the roadmap before we trust or move, we will remain stuck. For when we are waiting for the roadmap we are not trusting in the flow and we are relying on our own strength. Meaning we are seeing ourselves as separate from the rest of Life. Meaning we are not IN the flow. When we are in the flow we are delivered things in perfect timing. The moment that you surrender to this intelligent force and get out of the way, a life that you could previously only dream of will become real.

Being of service is merely being in flow with the Universe. The quickest way to fall into flow with The Universe is to allow it to use you.

The Universe, this intelligent force wants you to succeed. It wants you to flow with it, for when you flow with it you are in service to it and you are adding to the overall harmony of the Universe. You turn from resisting it to being part it. Moving with it. So to be of service is really to turn to the Universe and say, I will not resist or rely on my separate strength any longer. I am now willing to surrender to You. All that is.

The Universe wants you to be in harmony with it, it is your ego that resists. And there is much of society that resists too, with their hidden and sometimes not so hidden agendas. But if we start each day in complete surrender, in service, allowing the light of the Universe to flow through us, it is only a matter of time until we fall into flow with everything else. Life becomes aligned.

The form of spiritual practice that I have found best in falling into flow with the Universe is Light Sourcing. Which is basically flooding yourself with the light of the Universe. Allowing yourself to receive all of the things that the Universe is trying to send to you and allow what is rising in you to energetically do so. To allow your cells to get into alignment with the same power that governs the spinning of the planets, the tides, the moon, our monthly cycle, all of it. Within a month of doing this practice my life began to change. Within a year of doing this practice all that I deeply yearned for was my reality – things did not work out how I expected them to, they worked out better. For I was flowing with life so life was flowing with me.

Another tool to get you in the flow of service and surrender to the Universe is this prayer. I say it over and over again each and every day:

I am here to be truly helpful.
I’m here to represent that which sent me.
I do not have to think about what to say or do because that which sent me will direct me.
I’m happy just to be here.
Knowing that all grace is within me.
I will be healed as I let the healing happen through me.

A Couse In Miracles

You can either surrender to the all powerful flow of the entire Universe or you can rely on your now strength (one person) and fight against it. The choice is yours. The quickest way to fall into flow with The Universe is to allow it to use you.

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