Being a Creative Channel

We have been led to believe that we must consume, not create. We’ve forgotten that we’re all artists and that this life, our life, is the canvas upon which we create.

We’ve also been taught that creativity is something that exists only within some people – a rare gift, a certain specialness. But creativity isn’t limited to some, it’s within each and every one of us and that means it’s within you too.

I believe that creativity and intuition come from the same place, and that place is where the soul resides. When you tap into the flow of Source energy you are a clear channel for creations to flow through you. When you allow Source to flow through you, a beautiful thing happens – just like sunbeams shining through a stained-glass window: the light passes through your authentic self and creates something that no one else could have created. As we allow the light to flow through the stained-glass windows of our soul, our vibration, held within the creation, draws people in.


It doesn’t matter how your creativity shows up. It could express itself through being a poet, midwife, healer, space holder, mother, leader, activator, decoder, warrior, dismantler, or grower. The label is not important. It only matters that you remember your gifts, reclaim them and embrace them with grounded action. There are books and songs, inventions and innovations, sculptures and world-changing ideas that are waiting to be ushered onto this planet.

I know it can feel overwhelming to put your voice, your art, your creations, into the world. But if you’re here to create, and your muse is whispering to you in the dead of night, then that’s what you must do.

Keep showing up to your creations and your craft with grounded daily action. Stay in the wonder and the trust. Live in the adventure and the uncertainty. Dive into the flow of life and trust that the next step will be revealed at just the right time. Surrender to what scares and excites you. Lose yourself in what makes you come alive. For where there’s creativity, Life and soul are present. And the world needs more of that now than ever.

Tune into your deepest desires, heart’s prayers, and authentic calls of the soul – then get your mind and body to work manifesting them. Start Visioning with my Yearly Visioning Process.

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