Being a clear vessel in times of change

rebecca campbell opening soul space

No one can get a clearer reading on who you are and what you are going through than you. This is why we are called to dig deep in times of change. Why it’s more crucial than ever to stay grounded. To be surrounded by people who champion your own inner knowing. Your own inner wisdom. Your soul’s ability to journey through this. To venture into the underworld knowing you will return changed, and yet even more yourself.

When we are going through initiatory times it can trigger us to feel helpless and alone. And those around us (especially those who love us most) will always have an opinion. And while it may come from a loving and genuine place, it will ultimately be coloured by their own experiences, opinions, emotional reactions and motives, as it will either be coming from their ego or their own inner channel. And while it can feel helpful when we are desperate to be told what to do, being plugged into other people’s channels often leads to frustration and confusion. It can also make us feel even more alone.

In times of change, and anytime really, it is important to be plugged into your own inner channel above all else.

Where possible, be clear on the guidance that you are open to receiving. Be discerning about the opinions you seek. Decide who will be on your advisory committee. Be clear on the support you will need. Let them know what would be helpful and what would be confusing and harmful. And remember, ultimately, there will be no better knowing than the inner knowing you will come to once you have gathered your information. Always, always, tend to your own inner channel.

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