The answers for us right now are not elsewhere in the stars.

They’re not in the heavens either.

They’re right here, on Earth, in the seed in the soil.


Everything we seek is waiting for us here.

On Earth as it is in heaven.

Don’t you remember that you are the seed?

Don’t you remember why you chose to come?


Find the holy seeded within every tree, every stone,

every animal, every human, every heart, every cell.

Precious, precious child of star and Earth.

Soul experiencing itself for a breath.

Star seeded for just a moment in matter.


You went through a lot to be here at this time.

Won’t you be here now?


Be like the flower.

Seed and bloom without caring what others think.

And when it’s time, and you will know when,

Throw your petals to the wind

For the chance to do it over and over again.

Remember why you have come.


Ascend to the Earth.

From page 218 of Letters to a Starseed by Rebecca Campbell 

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