Anything inauthentic can no longer survive

rebecca campbell

Anything inauthentic can no longer survive. Anything that is not in alignment with who we truly are is proving harder and harder to hold onto. Rugs are being pulled. Foundations are crumbling. Sometimes, the tower must fall. Death is just as sacred and holy and natural as birth.

We were never meant to stay stagnant, in full bloom all year round. It’s against our nature. It’s against all of nature. We are ever changing beings living in an ever changing world. Change is our natural state.

rebecca campbell rose

For some time now it seems as though something is trying to get our attention. To bring us to a halt. To wake us up. To break us down. To crack us open. To help us remember who we are and why we came. To connect us to our core, our essence, our soul. To urge us to build our lives on unshakable foundations. Sustainable foundations. Congruent foundations. Inner foundations. To return us over and over again back to the earth, each other and ourselves.

Finding the courage to let go of the life or world that we have consciously created is scary. Releasing who we thought we once were in order to surrender into who we are becoming is bewildering. It’s why not everyone does it. But you are not everyone. None of us are.

Rebecca campbell rose

I believe we each came into this world with a plan seeded within us. That every single one of us is a seed for the future of humanity. And just like the seed in the soil, we have stored within us, the intelligence needed to thrive and grow.

Yes, maybe we are the seeds of the prayers of our grandparents. Perhaps within us future forests and rose gardens will grow.


It is not your job to save the world, it’s your job to be yourself. To trust what has always been seeded within you. To surrender to that and then to let it bloom and grow. And then when the times comes, to throw our petals to the wind, for the change to do it again and again.

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