Answer the ache

answer the ache

I believe we each have within us an aching that is craving to be met. It’s not a physical ache and it’s not a mental one. It’s much much deeper than that. We came into this life with it and it drives our deepest desires (our best decisions and our worst). It’s the ache of the soul. This aching is so powerful that it moves us through life almost like an inner compass drawing things nearer to and further from us in order to somehow soothe the ache. It drives our deepest desires, our wishes and our wants. And until we actually take the time to acknowledge the ache, take a look at it, give it a name, and decide to understand it we humans can have a tendency to go through life sort of like a pin ball in an arcade game. Drawn to experiences which have the potential to hold up a mirror to what we are actually aching for… but then just before we allow it to crack us open we then bounce off into another direction to another experience that is trying to do the same thing. Enter patterns and why does this always happen to me conversations and metaphoric banging heads on walls.

Everyone’s ache is different and equally as important. And I believe that until we acknowledge and accept our own personal aching, we will always feel a little uncomfortable. Like there’s something that isn’t quite right. Like a teeny stone in your boot or when the underwire of your favourite bra begins to poke through (too much info?).

So I invite you to put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and have a conversation with your soul. Thank it for being there and ask it what it most aches for. Trust whatever comes. It may be a little quiet at first, but keep asking everyday. Maybe it’s to belong, maybe it’s to be purposeful, maybe it’s to be free. Whatever it is, I invite you to little by little consider building your life around getting that deep ache within your soul met. It might be a little uncomfortable at first but the aligned feeling of your soul being acknowledged and filled up will be beyond worth it in the end.

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