All paths lead home

All paths lead home - Rebecca Campbell Starseed Oracle

Inner authority. Intuition. Turn your gaze within.

It’s normal to look to the external world for answers and guidance. What’s revolutionary is turning your gaze inward. You’re being called to source your guidance from within. To study the terrain of your inner landscape. To develop a reliable relationship with your soul. The more time you spend connecting with your soul, the deeper the connection will become. 

The challenge for empaths is staying connected without cutting off from the world. The best way to do this is to develop a daily practice that helps you to keep checking in. To draw on the wisdom within and let that be the authority in your life.

If this card appears, you may be called to develop or switch up your spiritual practice. To get in the habit of turning your gaze within – getting centered for the day – before consuming anything from the outside world. To start from a feeling of ‘at homeness.’ And throughout each day, to find simple ways to keep coming ‘home.’

This doesn’t mean switching off from the realities of today’s world – we need as many conscious people as possible living with their eyes wide open. Rather, it’s a call to start your day from a place of connectedness, grace, and devotion, so when you go out into the world and when you let the world in, you do it from an unshakable state of being. A state where you draw your strength, authority, and guidance from a place deep deep within.

Soul Inquiry:

How are you being called to turn your gaze within?

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