A little bit about me

Rebecca Campbell

It’s been a while since I introduced myself on here and so here are some things that are true about me:

  • I’m a 4 in the enneagram and a projector in human design.
  • I’ve always been able to see through people and have a terrible poker face.
  • I can’t stand the ‘kill it with kindness’ approach and would much rather a clear uncomfortable compassionate conversation over ‘niceties’ or avoidance.
  • I have been working since I was 13 and after doing work on removing the badge of ‘hard worker’ I’m still one of the hardest workers I know.
  • I’m always trying to find balance but as a working mum right now it’s not for me!
  • I work with my husband and don’t hate it or him!
  • I didn’t always know I wanted to be a mother.
  • When I gave birth to my son my waters did not break and he was born en caul (in his water sac which is quite rare – 1 in 80,000).
  • I am territorial over my my relationships and love my inner circle fiercely (Scorpio rising).
  • Last week I walked out of a therapy session after 5 minutes. While I’m a big advocate for therapy (and always in supervision) it was one of the proudest most empowering moments of my life!
  • I have never felt like I fit in. Now I see this as a good thing.
  • I have been through several severe kundalini awakening periods that were extremely physical and difficult to process and understand.
  • I do work in my sleep.
  • I love musical theatre more than most things.
  • I am living with a chronic health condition (not requesting health advice)
  • I am equal grounded action, equal intuition and believe both need eachother
  • The first book I read was a book on death and dying. It has been my fascination ever since.
  • When I was a teenager I began channeling children who had passed over. It made me feel weird, called, alone and ‘on purpose’ at the same time.
  • I believe that our birth can hold the blueprint for our life.
  • I do not find being a public figure easy.
  • I talk to plants and flowers and stones and water and am teaching my son to do this too.
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