3 Ways to Align Your Life to Your Soul

One of the questions I get asked most often is “how do I find my purpose?” I love this question, because if you’ve found yourself asking this, it means your soul is nudging you toward alignment. So, I wanted to share my three steps to help you align your life to your soul:

Step 1: Connect with your soul on a regular basis

You don’t need to do hours of spiritual practice every day to connect with your soul. If you only have five minutes, that is enough. It is more important that you show up consistently than how long you spend there. Connecting with your soul regularly could be through spiritual practice, chanting or intuitive writing. Whatever you choose as your way to be with your soul, do it every day if you can. It will strengthen your connection and make it easier to take step two.

Step 2: Listen to the calls of your soul

Your soul is always ready to speak with you. You can do this through a practice I call Soul Inquiry. Soul Inquiry works by asking your soul a question such as: “what is my soul calling me to do?” You tune into the part of you that knows, and as you write the answer, you start with “my soul is calling me to _____.”

This will allow you to fully hear the messages the deepest part of you wants you to know and align you to move to the last step.

Step 3: Act

It may sound simple, but step 3 is just as important as all the steps before it. Because, without acting on the calls of our soul, there is no point in receiving guidance. When we do not take action, the guidance we receive just stays in the ethers. It remains in the spiritual. And we’re here to embody the sacred. If taking action towards what you’re being called to do feels scary or overwhelming, just take one baby step each day on whatever your soul has called you to do. And then another, and then another…!

Each of these steps will take you deeper into your sacred nature and reveal what it means for you to find and live your purpose. Through connecting, listening, and taking action (baby steps) on a regular basis, slowly but surely you’ll find yourself living your life aligned to who you are and who you came here to be.

Let Your Soul In

The more time you spend with your soul, the more connected to it you will become. The more time you spend listening to its whispers, yearnings, visions, feelings and calls, the easier it will be to listen to and trust it. The more you listen to and trust it, the easier it will be to act on its guidance. But it helps to have a process. A way to work your light.

Working your light isn’t just a spiritual practice, but it IS guided by your soul. It’s why I created a way to help you lead with your soul and then get your mind and body in line to follow those soul nudges with actions. My visioning process is filled with different tools to release energy, tune into the core of your intuition, and then take action.

By using the Work Your Light Visioning Process (year after year) and approaching your next cycle with a vision, you’ll find alignment of body, mind, and spirit. And it all begins with the question “what is your soul yearning for?” If you’re interested in Work Your Light, my unique visioning process, you can find out more here.

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