2023 Astrology with Aliza Kelly

I have one more special interview to share with you about the astrology of 2023. This one is with Aliza Kelly, creator of the new oracle deck, There Are No Coincidences.  If you missed the 2023 Astro Report with Jennifer Racioppi you can catch that here.

In this interview we are tuning in to the astrological energies of 2023, with the context of what our souls are calling us to do and embrace in this coming year. I loved how Aliza was able to go really deep on the big questions and mysteries of life, while still sharing about next year’s astrology in a really accessible and relatable way. I hope you enjoy it!

Referred to as a “rising star” in modern spirituality, astrologer Aliza Kelly pens a biweekly column in New York Magazine’s The Cut, hosts a show with People Magazine, is a regular guest on The Drew Barrymore Show, and has authored four books.


The Highlights

1:10: How the energy of 2023 will feel different

2:57: Why 2023 could be really positive for you

4:40: What kind of attitude will be most helpful for us to take going into 2023?

10:40: Why March 2023 Is a Huge Month Astrologically

19:13: How Jupiter in Taurus will help us all to live a Soul-Led Life in 2023

19:51: How the Aries and Libra Eclipse Series which starts in April will bring fresh energy



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