Transmute all of this energy into action

Transmute all of this energy into action

Do not let the energy of these times to cause you to flee or freeze or stagnate. This is the time for action. Do not stay in the frequency of overwhelm. Find a way big or small. Use the energy. Let your mind and body be moved. Transmute it into…

soul purpose

What the heck is my soul purpose?

I remember when I was in the depths of trying to work out what I was here to do I would look at other people who were living “their purpose” and assumed that they must have always known unwaveringly. Been 100% certain. No doubts. No questions. Smooth sailing. Let’s get this…

You go first

You go first

You Go First. If you can’t find the courage to do it for yourself, do it for Tina and Kathy, Chloe and Rose. Do it for Zoe and Jaqui, Martha and Beth. Do it for Elise and Nicky, Agnes and Jules. Do it for Sophie and Jenny, Amy and Bec….


To that part of you

Today, I’m talking to that part of you who yearns for more. To that part of you who knows exactly what you want beyond all else. To that part of who who effortlessly believes that anything is possible and it’s possible in an instant. I’m talking to that part of…

This moment right here

Please proceed

Take the ticket. Here it is. Welcome aboard. This way please. Here’s your seat. There you are. Just in time. You’ve arrived. Glad you made it. We’ve been waiting. We’re so happy you’re here. Permission granted. Take the step. Follow the path. No, after you. You go first. Lead the…