make light not dark

Make light not dark

Every second we have a choice to align ourselves with light or dark. A choice to come back to ourselves or move away from it. A choice to live from our spirit or from out ego. Choose light it feels better.#Rebeccathoughts


The mind vs the spirit

This is the inside of a phonebox that I just passed (thank you friendly bt guy for letting me take a photo). It got me thinking… This is what the mind is like. Ridiculously proficient but a whole lot going on. Analysing. Sorting out. Making stuff happen. Of we really…



Life is here to be learned from. If you’re not making mistakes you’re not doing it right. Take the lesson, forgive yourself (don’t wait for someone else to do it) and get ready to jump back in. #rebeccathoughts #forgiveness #lesson#spirited Δ

true strength

True strength

It takes courage to admit our faults. To own our mistakes. To stop and say I need a hand. It didn’t work out. I don’t know how the hell I’m going to do this. But in doing so we let the cat out of the bag, we stop wasting our…

think with your heart

Think with your heart

In the womb, our human heart is the first organ to develop. The moment it stops beating, this life is officially over. But the power of this magnificent organ lies much deeper than its four chambered walls. The heart has an energy field that is 5000 times greater than the…


Be generous. Take a compliment

One of the best feelings in life is giving. It warms the cockles seeing the pure joy you created for another person. Joy that wasn’t there the moment before. So the next time someone gives you a compliment, be kind and freaking take it! Don’t block the joy for the…

leap into yourself

Leap into yourself

Leap. Take the plunge. Don’t shimmy round the edges. Dive right in. Into your wholeness. Your youness. Contradictions and imperfections and oddness and fabulousness and all. In doing so, sure you may find that you don’t quite fit in. But that’s just cos in stepping into your bigness you’re going…

feed your spirit

Feed your spirit

What feeds your spirit? Lifts you up. Makes you remember it’s pretty awesome to be alive. It doesn’t have to be all spiritual. If you get the same spirited bliss from eating raspberries dipped in chocolate, having sex or sipping bubbly on a rooftop- do that! It’s what fills YOUR…

answer your calling

Answer your calling

If you have a calling, answer it. It’s not going away anytime soon. And it’s only going to get more and more annoying until you do. The other alternative is to drink vodka. Lots of it. But I reckon your calling will be even more fun (and you can always…

devote your life

Devote your life

 What on earth would you devote your life to if you had the chance? (You do). A thing, a cause, lots of things, someone, something you believe passionately in. Or maybe something you just freaking love. Waking up every day. Long hours. Pushing through the hard. Flowing through the good….

Call in your people

Call in your people

Call in your people. They’re out there. The ones that get you. The ones who are the same kind of bonkers as you. Who you don’t need to explain anything to. Who want you to win and feel it when you fall. Who, no matter how long they’ve been on the…


Love after love

The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other’s welcome, And say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger who was your self. Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to…


Nothing to lose

Sometimes your life gets emptied out so it can be filled up with things that are even better. Sometimes the tower must burn for us to finally let go of what is no longer in alignment. Sometimes Kali comes along and rips things apart so that we can put the pieces back together…

portobello rd

Portobello rd

7 years ago, when I first moved to London I visited this street and visualised living here. One day. And then totally forgot. Today, on my morning walk with boxes up to my ears I remembered this and was overwhelmed with appreciation. For the past 1.5 years this colourful street…