Lightworker Anthems

Lightworker Anthems

Each week I add a new tune to this playlist! If you have a suggestion for your favourite Lightworker Anthem let me know in the comments section below. To listen to this playlist on the go, follow it on Spotify here. ‘And for my healing wits. I’ve been called a witch. I’ve…

being in service is being in flow with the universe

Let the Universe use you

Being of service is merely being in flow with the Universe. The quickest way to fall into flow with The Universe is to allow it to use you. Anything any human has done you can do too. This is not to say that you are intended to do what they…

no one is immune to life's pleasure's and pains

No one is immune to life’s pleasures and pains

No one is immune to life’s pleasure’s and pains. Earth is a planet of polarity and sometimes being human is HARD! The pleasures stretch our heart and the pains do exactly the same thing. We are here to grow through the pleasures and the pains. We cannot use spirituality to…

barbie got real

Barbie got real

So stoked to see this happening! For women, one of the most significant ways we stop ourselves from rising is through feeling something is wrong with us or not ready enough because of the way our body looks. We live in a society that idealises images of highly photoshopped, distorted…

Rebecca Campbell

Leading from the feminine

  For the past nine months I’ve been going through quite a significant change. A career girl who had learned to make it in a man’s world, I realised how I had been living in a way that did not honour the cyclic nature of my body. I discovered how I…

rebecca campbell and craig gourlay

I got married!

    On Saturday December 19th, under a Venus drenched moon, a sky big enough to hold our heart’s deepest prayers while being held by the red earth of Australia I got married to my now husband Craig! Here are some of my fave pics from the day, starting in the morning and ending…

rebecca campbell

Rise Sister Rise™ Australia

In January 2016 hundreds of Aussie lightworkers and modern mystics came together to step up and work their light. Two days of genuine sisterhood in Melbourne and Sydney. Belinda and I will be bringing Rise Sister Rise to London and New York later this year!

taylor james

Shedding the layers of 2015

As I sit here reflecting on what has without a doubt been the most outwardly amazing year of my life, a year where so many of my long term goals have come into form (book published with two more coming, wedding in a couple of days, finding true sacred sisterhood, teaching…

rise sister rise you got the love

Two new books coming

This March while I was in Glastonbury laying in the Chalice Well Gardens I prayed to the divine mother for what creations were ready to flow through and rise in me. The answer I received was very clear: two books and they should be written at the same time. I received…

dark mother kali

Dark Mother Kali Ma

Dark Mother Kali Ma, Thank you for rocking me and my foundations, when my soul cried for a way out. Thank you for stubbornly burning down the tower when I did not choose to walk out myself. Thank you for continuing to rip away all of the layers of protection…

who lights you up?


There are two different types of people: those who get their energy from others, and those who replenish their energy by spending time on their own (drawing it from source). Most lightworkers fit into the later category. (Which is why developing a daily practice where you connect with source is…

come out of the spiritual closet

The spiritual closet strip tease

 In my experience, people who erect spiritual closets tend to be the biggest believers of them all. The reason they step into a spiritual closet is not because they doubt their beliefs, rather, it’s because their beliefs are unwavering. That is, they are so scared of being judged for who they are (because their…


1111 hangout

On Wednesday 11/11 2015 my friend Mel Wells, aka The Green Goddess, and I celebrated with an end of year google hangout. Join us as we chat about…  Reflections on 2015  Using the power of 11/11 to answer your soul’s callings for 2016  How to turn your light on and work it  Transforming…

sacred space7

Creating a sacred space

What started as a teeny tiny altar has turned into an entire section of my house. My office is not an office as much as it is a sacred space for my soul to express herself. Filled with everything that is conducive to allowing my heart to open and my…

answer the ache

Answer the ache

Answer the ache. We each have within us an aching that is craving to be met. It’s not a physical ache and it’s not a mental one. It’s much, much deeper than that. We came into this life with it and if not met will be right there when we…


Red Magazine Interview

I was honoured to be interviewed by Red Magazine’s for their #ThisIsASmartWoman week on my journey, advice I’d give to my younger self, who my role models are and random things like ummmmm how I wish teleportation exited (obvs).

Non-negotiable spiritual practice

Non-negotiable spiritual practice

You cannot hear the callings of your soul if you don’t carve time out to listen to them daily. It wasn’t until 2011/2012, that I wholeheartedly committed to a daily non-negotiable spiritual practice. Choosing to show up to this practice each day has been singlehandedly the best decision I have…