Being a professional not an amateur


Do you know you are here for a reason and that there is work that you came here to do?

Work Your Light™ is the Online Course and Community for Soul-led Entrepreneurs, Healers, Creatives, Lightworkers and Artists and anyone who has heard the call to answer the call of their soul, devote their life to something bigger and light up the world with their unique presence.

Answer your soul’s highest calling, keep your creations potent, align your business to your soul and
scale it in a way that is sustainable, so you can create a life’s work, not a season.

Serve the world by being you

A course dedicated to helping Soul-led Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Lightworkers and Healers and  to answer the highest call of their soul and keep their creations potent. Align your business with your soul, lead from the feminine and scale your business in a way that is sustainable so you can create a life’s work, not a season.

Call in your people, connect with your creative muse and get clear on the creations that are wanting to be birthed by you. Embrace your divinity and align your personal brand with your spirit so you light up the world in a way that only you can.

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Everyone who enrolls will receive a special invitation to attend our four quarterly LIVE Online Lightworker Gatherings (group coaching calls) throughout the year. These calls will happen over Zoom. You will be able to send in your questions in advance and will also be sent the playback if you are unable to attend the calls live. These calls happen every quarter so that you can keep on track with your business and soul’s mission throughout the year. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with an amazing, supportive community of soul led people who are serious about the work they are doing in the world. 

Course Overview

Module 1: Answering The Call

  • Get clear on the work you are being called to do currently
  • Refine the next and highest expression of your calling and the creations that are most calling you
  • Track and write your story of awakening
  • Surrender into the devotion of your craft
  • Discover what kind of Lightworker you are
  • Unlock your soul’s highest purpose
  • Overcome fears associated with sharing your soul’s voice
  • Discover and unlock your soul gifts
  • Unleash your power
  • Hear the whispers of your soul
  • Refine your unique medicine and life's message and call in your people

Module 2: Align Your Life

  • Align your life in a way that supports your highest calling
  • Align your business to how you have grown
  • Assemble your support team
  • Light work + shadow work (owning your shadow)
  • Set yourself up to create a life's work, not a season
  • Tap into the same mystical force that controls the spinning of all of the planets in the universe
  • Scale your business in a way that is sustainable
  • Learn how to receive support
  • Unleash your power (the light and the shadow)

Module 3: Your Unique Offering

  • Identify the work that only you can do
  • Discover the golden asset in your business
  • How to stand out by embracing who you are at soul level
  • Birthing your creations and keeping them potent
  • Connecting with your creative muse
  • Uplevelling and being a professional
  • Forge, don’t follow
  • Unleashing your unique gifts
  • Setting/reviewing your prices
  • Overcoming comparison
  • Create your own muse invocation
  • Creating a life's work, not a season
  • Breaking the model of your industry

Module 4: Doing The Work

  • Running your business in a sustainable way
  • Dealing with haters
  • Working with boundaries
  • Seperating yourself from your business (learn how to not take it so personally)
  • Honouring the cycles of creation
  • The energetics of running a soul-led business
  • Holding space for others (individuals and groups)
  • Being the lighthouse (looking at archetypes such as the rescuer, the martryr, the lighthouse etc)
  • Keeping your heart open and your creations heart-infused

Module 5: Let Your Spirit Be Your Brand

  • How to create an authentic brand around who you are at soul level
  • Let Your Spirit Be Your Brand™ Brand Book
  • Use your Brand Book to brief designers and your team and refer back to for years to come
  • From your Tag Line to your Elevator Pitch
  • Establishing your Creative Direction
  • Being an individual and a leader
  • Discover who you are at soul level
  • Creating your Brand Guidelines
  • Creating your authentic tone of voice
  • Embrace your weirdness
  • Create your own manifesto
  • Crafting your writing style
  • The Creative Boxes Method for tuning into your channel

Module 6: The Business Vision

  • The Business Vision Book
  • Create or refine your company strategy, values, goals and action plan
  • I'll be taking you behind the bonnet of my business including systems, templates and more
  • Write your Company Backstory
  • Create your Company Vision
  • The Success Triangle
  • Review your systems
  • How to attract a supportive team
  • Clarity on your 1 and 5-year business goals and an action plan to achieve them
  • The powerful process I go through to make aligned, scalable decisions
  • Spend time going deep with your target audience and deliver the creations they are yearning for most
  • Review and upgrade your systems
  • Refine sub brands and main brand
  • Refine your Press page and About page
  • Create your Company Strategy Document
  • Create your Organisational Structure

Module 7: Running A Soul-Led Business

  • Packed full of all of my best tips and learnings on the day-to-day running of a soul-led business
  • Invaluable information I wish I'd known when I started out
  • Daily Revenue Tracker Finance Template
  • Expected and Projected Revenue Finance Template
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) Template
  • Rate Card Template
  • Company policies swipe copy
  • This module will transform your daily experience and sky rocket your efficiency
  • From creating templates and brand guidelines to staying on top of finances and project management
  • How to create Standard Operating Procedures
  • Supplier Book Template
  • VIP Book Template
  • Brand Guidelines Template

Module 8: Sharing Your Message With The World

  • Feel confident to share your message authentically without having to sell your soul
  • Focus on your craft
  • Email sequencing and opt-ins
  • Newsletter-planning template
  • How to make good video tech guide
  • Overcome your fear of sharing your voice
  • Be supported to expand your audience while keeping your creations potent
  • Launch strategies
  • Social Media Schedule
  • Yearly Content Planner


  • Publicity and Media Masterclass
  • Transformational Speaking Masterclass
  • How to Get Published Masterclass
  • Meditations

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Let me take you behind the bonnet of my business

In Work Your Light I take you behind the bonnet of my business and give you the exact processes, templates and tools that I use to write bestselling books, sell-out workshops and retreats, grow my team and scale my business.

From finance tracking templates to how to come up with amazing ideas. From creating your very own Brand Book to establishing your business vision, company values and mission document. From the energetics of increasing your audience to the tender balance between focussing on your craft versus marketing.

In this course I am sharing everything I know about growing a soul-led business without selling your soul. Includes a 280+ page Workbook.

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The Lessons


  • Module Introduction
  • The Age of Light
  • What kind of Lightworker are you?
  • Being the light vs. doing the light 
  • You are your heroes 
  • Your audience
  • The importance of devotion
  • You can't buy devotion
  • Soul Callings
  • Fear + sharing your voice
  • Your life is your message


  • Module Introduction
  • Decision-making tool: Does it light me up?  
  • Don’t dim to fit in
  • The Lightworker + the shadow
  • Time is not running out
  • Aligning your life
  • Aligning your business to who you are at soul level
  • Who lights you up?
  • Your support team 
  • You are not for everyone

Module 3: Your Unique Offering

  • Module Introducion
  • What is it that only you can do?
  • Know your worth 
  • Birthing creations
  • Craft before marketing
  • Follow the model, then break it
  • What are you here to create?
  • Forge, don’t follow 
  • Comparison
  • Creativity and the muse 
  • Every day we're working
  • A life’s work, not a season 


  • Module Introduction
  • Being of service and serving yourself
  • Be the light, not the electricity 
  • Protecting your energy and the energetics of your business
  • Don’t believe what they say
  • Nobody needs saving
  • You are not your business (it’s not personal)
  • Holding space
  • Dealing with haters
  • You don't need to transmute it all


  • Module Introduction
  • You’ve been working on you for lifetimes 
  • Choose your Theme Song 
  • Elevator Pitch 
  • You©: Your authentic tone of voice 
  • Embrace your weirdness 
  • Write your own Tagline 
  • Creative direction 
  • Make your life a piece of art 
  • INCLUDES: Let Your Spirit Be Your Brand™ Brand Book


  • Module Introduction
  • Your Company Back Story
  • Company Values
  • Your Market
  • Organisational Structure
  • Success Triangle
  • INCLUDES: Business Vision Book
  • Your Company Mission
  • Your Audience
  • Products and services
  • Your System Stack
  • Setting Your Business Goals (1-5 Years)
  • Your Business Vision Action Plan


  • Module Introduction
  • Assembling your team
  • Supplier Book
  • Templates and Brand Guidelines
  • Getting paid
  • The rhythm of your company
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures
  • The VIP Book
  • You get what you pay for
  • Staying on top of finances


  • Module Introduction
  • See marketing as sharing, not selling
  • Finding your way of sharing
  • The Wine Cellar
  • Launching products
  • The importance of a list
  • How to make good videos
  • Yearly Content Plan


  • MASTERCLASS: How to Land Free Publicity
  • MASTERCLASS: Transformational Speaking
  • BONUS: The Lightworker Recommended Resources
  • MASTERCLASS: Getting Published
  • Meditations

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"This course will change your life. I can't recommend it enough! Don't even think twice about it, you won't regret it. So amazing!"
Kris Cook, Soul Coach + Entrepreneur
"I gained so much value from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light course. I felt particularly grateful for Rebecca’s encouragement to step out of our ‘spiritual closet’, and the WYL course certainly helped me to do that. It offered a lot of inspiration and ideas that allowed me to move forward with my business and to finish writing a book that has now been published. Since completing the course, my work has felt more aligned with the message I want to share - a message that was clarified by doing the exercises in the course, and which is now the tagline of my business, as well as the core message of my new book.”
Jess Ang, Professional Intuitive
"The Work Your Light course was by far one of the best courses I've ever purchased. Literally, everything Rebecca Campbell creates lights me on fire with love and gives me the courage to do the work that I was sent here to do."

This course helped me get clarity with my message, motivated me to get out of my own way, and made me realize the world needs me and my work in such a big way. I always go back to this course every time I get stuck in a rut or want to be inspired and it never fails to take me to the next level. I do not even recognize the person I was before I was introduced to her work. I would recommend this course a million times over. "
Kerissa Kuis, University of Wellness
“By the end of the course I had a website, I had an idea, I had a unique differentiator, I had my brand.”
Nicole Strychaz, Career Strategist
"I stepped out of my spiritual closet, embraced my authentic self and pursued a new path and a new way. I have now made the switch from being a corporate lawyer to doing transformation work full time, helping other women find balance and joy in life! I am so much happier and living in harmony with my true purpose now thanks to Work Your Light."
Brigid Keary, Spiritual Coach
"The course helped me to tap into many new creative juices within myself, write my manifesto and open up to all sorts of new possibilities. The course is a constant resource for me and I continually go back to it as I need inspiration, and 100% of the time new creative juices flow. Grateful and appreciative for all the many tools, lessons and love within this course."
Alicia Kim Thompson, Creative
"Work Your Light has been a very big opening for me. I stepped out of the spiritual closet, got more secure about myself, learned about different ways to do spiritual practice and got so much more aware about what lights me up. I made a lot of new friends too.”
Gunn-Evy Olafsdatter Håkaby, Intensive Care Nurse + Shaman

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Q: I am a teacher, healer and coach with a very big message to bring but unsure how to bring it to the next level. Will this course help? 

A: The course is filled with everything I know about doing soul work and running a business. The course is here to support soul workers step into their deepest calling and build a business around that so that their message can travel. In it I share everything I know about this… from deeply tuning into the potency of what you came here to share, to working on your brand, setting your prices and the nuts and bolts of actually getting the business off the ground and scaling it. There are many lessons with lots of valuable information, but where the real shifts will come is if you really work the course. The lessons are broken down into bite-sized pieces (similar to the way I write) and each requires some sort of action (from baby steps to Soul Inquiry to leaps). If you work the course I believe you will get the results you are looking for. 

You will have lifetime access to the course – I find our grads come back to it each year to realign and refocus their biz/calling based on how they have grown. 

Q. Is Work Your Light for people who know their calling or for people who are trying to work it out?

A. Both. The course and lessons are designed to support Lightworkers and changemakers who are already doing the work and those who are still working it out. Because our soul is always calling us, you can go back to the course time and time again.

Q. So, now I am looking at your course. And would love to do it. But somehow I feel it’s too early? Or I feel that I don’t know yet which direction to take. Leaving graphic design out is too much of a jump it seems… What I mean is: I have no idea how I can evolve and combine my spiritual life with my graphic design practice. My question: should I jump in now? Or should I wait until it becomes more clear and I feel more ready to leave graphic design behind…

A. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll be ready to leap! The course is designed to clarify the highest expression of your calling in current time and then provide the grounded action to build that in the real world. The first few modules will really help you with where you are right now. They will help you hone your message and brand and then, baby step by baby step, get yourself to the place where you can take the leap into living your calling full time. There are some later modules that are more focused on the actual running of your business which will be so valuable when you are up and running (and will actually save you a lot of time if you implement them from the beginning).

Also a lot of our graduates redo the course each year. The way it is designed is that it can help you retune, refocus and realign your business (and your life) to how you have grown and what is currently rising in you.

Q. What is a Lightworker and how do I know if I am one?

A. A Lightworker is just a name for someone who is devoted to answering the call of their soul and lighting up the world with their presence. Anyone who wants to answer their soul’s callings. Anyone who wants to follow what lights them up – express their soul gifts and passions. You don’t have to be a healer or nurse or coach or spiritual teacher to be a Lightworker. You can be an artist, a chef, an assistant, a baker – or have no job at all.

Q: What format is the course? E.g. video, pdf etc

A: Each lesson is both video and written transcript. There is also a 280+ page workbook with exercises to do as you work through the course.

Q: I am wondering if this program is for me. I have been in business for the last 6 years. I have taken many programs to support my business but I still can’t make it financially successful. I have done B-school, Clients on Demand, Webinars that Convert, Mentor Masterclass, etc. I am a trained Shamanic Practioner, Life Coach and more. Would this program help me to finally translate my craft into a successful, sustainable offering? I have burnt myself out several times and could really use real guidance to finally feel like my I am getting somewhere. I am on the waiting list for EVERYTHING. I appreciate your feedback and support.

A: Wow, what amazing training you have, and congrats on your coaching offering. I feel like the course could definitely help you if you action the work as you go. Each lesson has a call to action, baby step, Soul Inquiry etc. I know too well what it can be like when we have so many ideas and so much guidance coming and it can feel like there are so many options to choose from and so much to do! 

This course will help you tune into the inner anchor of your offering and let that guide you. And of course it includes grounded, practical things as well, such as all of the templates and tools I have used to grow my business. It looks at how to trust the season your business is in, what you want to opt out of within your industry and how to keep your business focussed, in alignment and supported so that you can stay connected and fertile enough to do the part of the business that only you can do. I hope that helps. Please feel free to come back with any questions. 

Q. When are the live calls and does it matter if I am not able to make them?

A. We will be hosting the four bonus live coaching calls throughout the year. The first one is on the 23rd of September. On these calls, Rebecca will answer any questions that come up for you as you work through the course.  It is not necessary to attend live as you will be sent a playback of these Live Lightworker Gatherings. You will also be able to send your questions in in advance. You will be notified of the call dates in advance via email.

Q. What is the Let Your Spirit Be Your Brand™ Brand Book?

A. In the fifth module: Let Your Spirit Be Your Brand™, you will be taken through a potent process to get clear on who you are at soul level so that you can create a unique brand that no one can impersonate. This is something that you can draw upon time and time again, e.g. when working with a designer, or even choosing an outfit to wear for an event.

The process Rebecca will take you through draws on her experience as an award-winning creative director in advertising where she helped some of the world’s biggest brands find their authentic voice and visual style.

Q. Do I need to complete the course in a certain time frame?

A. No. When you enroll you are free to do the modules and lessons at your own pace. You will also have lifetime access to the course materials.

Q. Are there payment options?

A. Yes. You can either pay in one go, three installments over three months or six installments over six months.

Q. Do you accept credit card payments? How do I pay?

A. Yes, click on the payment option you prefer and select your payment option (credit card or Paypal).

Q: Do you offer scholarships for financial difficulties?

A: Yes, we offer a number of Work Your Light Scholarships each year. If you would like to apply please email with Work Your Light Scholarship in the email title. 

In the body of your email please answer the following three questions:

  1. Describe your business or calling (include links to your website/social channels if you have them)
  2. Why are you applying for a Work Your Light scholarship?
  3. Why should you be awarded a scholarship?

Q. What are the terms and conditions?

A. We believe in the power of this course when done properly. If however you do not find value in it, you can apply for a refund within 14 days. However, in order to do so you need to show proof that you have completed Module 1 and 2 and done the Inner Temple Rejuvenation meditation every day.

Q. What access will I get to Rebecca?

A. There will be four Lightworker Gatherings (live and recorded) in the next twelve months where Rebecca will answer questions and support you as you go through the course material. 

Got A Question? Ask It Here:

Rebecca Campbell is a writer and devotional artist who leads activating workshops internationally, giving people an experience of their soul. She is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, including Light Is the New Black and the Work Your Light Oracle, and the creator of the Rise Sister Rise Membership.  Over the years Rebecca has guided thousands of Lightworkers and changemakers to answer the deepest calling of their souls and light up the world with their unique presence.

Rebecca also draws on her experience as an award-winning Creative Director in advertising where she helped some of the world’s biggest brands find their authentic voice.

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