Water Codes

Ancient wisdom. The intelligence is within you.

Water has long been associated with wisdom. Celtic legend says that the Goddess Cerridwen had a magic cauldron in which she brewed herbs, and that anyone who drank from these waters would acquire great wisdom.

Brigid is another Celtic Goddess associated with water, particularly water wells, many of which were named in her honor.

Even today, there’s a huge shrine to her at Glastonbury’s White Springs. It was once believed that the future king of the land had to drink Brigid’s well waters to be initiated into his rule.

Masaru Emoto proposed that water molecules can carry our thoughts, words, and emotions. This theory has the potential to change so much for humanity. Some believe that through connecting with water ‘consciousness’ we can unlock lost wisdom.

What if we could remember the lost wisdom of our ancient ancestors, learn from their mistakes, and reconnect to those wise ones who lived in deep reverence of the waters and the Earth? What if through working with water, we could bring about healing on this water planet?

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

You’re an ancestor of times yet to come, called to reconnect with the wisdom of nature and the waters and be guided accordingly. You’re a visionary of these times. Connect to the intelligence of the water and lead.


I’m ready to unlock the lost wisdom within the waters of the world.

I’m ready to unlock the lost wisdom within the waters of myself.

I’m ready to remember and to be led.

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