The world will be saved by the western woman

the world will be saved by the western woman

the world will be saved by the western woman

At the Peace Conference in Canada, in 2009, the Dalai Lama said something that would sit  in my heart for years to come: ‘The world will be saved by the western woman’. It was a call to action to women throughout the west.

It took me six years to answer this call, and today I am both excited and relieved to announce that my personal response to this call is officially out in the world in the form of my new book Light Is The New Black!

And because The Universe works in wondrous ways that constantly amaze me, today, the official date of publication, also happens to be the Dalai Lama’s birthday! Nice work Universe!!!!!


You only need to go to a mind body spirit event to see the shift that is happening amongst women in the western world. One by one we are rising up and answering the call of spirit. Through healing ourselves, we create a vibrational shift.

Through healing ourselves we are able to be better friends, lovers, partners, colleagues, mothers and wives. Through healing ourselves we also heal the planet. Through aligning our lives, we effortlessly light up the world with our unique presence. This is why I wrote this book. 

We each have an inner light that is always waiting to guide us home. A divine spark that is connected to all of life. When we allow this light to lead us and then share that light with the world we fall into flow with The Universe. When we fall into flow with The Universe we are living the life that we are most called to live.

 Light Is The New Black is a guidebook for Lightworkers and change makers to help them listen to and answer their soul’s deepest call and align their lives, so they can light up the world with their unique presence.

light is the new black by rebecca campbell

Your light is contagious. As you share it you make it easier for others to do the same. I believe it’s time for us all to step up and answer the deepest call of our soul. And I believe that you are here to lead the way.

Light Is The New Black by reBECCA campbell

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Top image by Nyree Mackenzie