The Waste Lands

Sustainability. Slow down. Tend to your garden.

There’s an anonymous 13th‐century French myth in the form of a poem called The Elucidation that tells the story of a king who abuses the land he’s supposed to be the guardian of.  The king breaks the trust of the well maidens – the spirits who were guarding the wells of the land – and they flee. The waters run dry, the plants wilt, and the land, which was once rich and fertile, becomes barren, creating a wasteland.

This is the most powerful card in the deck. It’s a wake‐up call for us to stop the destructive behavior that’s resulting in us becoming brittle and unable to live in a sustainable way. The sacred feminine is abundant; She knows that the Earth can provide for what we need and that She doesn’t need to take more than She needs. She tends the Earth around Her and within Her. She’s the keeper of balance and the protector of all living things.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

The rose has seen civilizations come and go. Empires rise and fall. In this card She’s delivering an urgent message to slow down and stop any way of being that’s not sustainable. To release anything that’s making us brittle. To tend our garden, our bodies, and the Earth around us.

Soul Inquiry

What way of being is no longer sustainable for you?

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