Letting go

the things we cling to are the ones we most need to let go of

The things we cling to are the things we most need to let go of. Inconvenient truth!!!

Recently I was forced to let go of something I’ve been clinging to for over a decade.

The truth is that I knew I was clinging to it. Doing all I could to hold it together.

But for some reason, way deep down I felt I needed it. To fill something in me.

I also knew that by clinging to it I was stopping myself from filling myself up with goodness, moving into wholeness and letting something better/more fabulous/deserving in.

As painful as it was to let go of (and the pain always comes first), I am so grateful that life finally forced me to do so.

And, today with you as my witness, I’m making a promise to myself to not cling tightly (or loosely) to anything anymore.

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