The Pink Dolphin

Celebration. Fun. Unbridled joy. Open heart.

To be near dolphins is to experience a whole new level of play and joy. This is a card of welcoming more joy into your life. To opening your heart and mind to new experiences and prioritizing happiness and fun. To prioritizing play and taking time off from the monotony of our everyday lives. To play like a child, without being attached to the outcome.

How can you welcome more joy into your life? What can you do just for fun? What do you want to celebrate?

Card of the day from The Healing Waters Oracle

This card is a wonderful one to receive and is always an invitation to stop being so serious, to play, and to have more fun. When we play, we’re able to release the pressures and stress that we’re carrying and switch off. Often when we do this, the two hemispheres of the brain can make connections, and solutions that we previously couldn’t see come flowing in.

Soul Inquiry

How can you welcome more joy into your life?

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