The Fertile Void

 fertile void

Inner winter. Rest. Patience. Potency. Secret beginnings.

This is a very auspicious card. It holds the potent golden seeds of a new beginning and the aftermath of an end. We’re called to have patience and enter a state of deep rest, repair, regeneration, and acceptance. To let a part of our lives, or even who we once were, metaphorically die in order to seed, sprout, bud, and bloom again.

There’s often a letting go, a grief or mourning involved. A death of self or what once was. The ending of things that were once important. Relationships, jobs, identities, ways of being. The fertile void asks that we honor endings to begin again. It’s a crucial part of growth and new isn’t possible without it.

In the card you can see the golden seed cradled in the dark, fertile womb of the soil. It’s easy to mistake this phase of growth as one where nothing much is happening. But beneath the surface of the winter soil, things have never been more active.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Winter is a phase of initiation, renewal, and rebirth. When we’re going through a period of inner winter, we experience this too. We metaphorically ‘go underground’ by coming to a standstill and allowing ourselves to recover and rest. We don’t realize it, but this is the most important part of our growth. And it takes faith and surrender to do it.

Trust the sureness of the soil. The new is being woven without you having to micromanage every move.

Trust the sureness of the soil. Be cradled by the great mystery. This is a very tender, powerful time.

Soul Inquiry:

How can you surrender into the great mystery?  

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