Stop soldiering on

stop soldiering on

Any kind of physical dis-ease you experience is your body trying to tell you something. An attempt to get your attention and shine some light on what in your life is out of alignment. A cry for you to go inwards and listen to what you may be missing. To come face to face with a part of you that you may be neglecting or ignoring or pretending isn’t there.

For so many of us soldiering on is our natural instinct. Just push through it, persevere, keep on keeping on. We resist what it’s trying to teach us and resent it being there in the first place because ‘This wasn’t part of the plan!!!’ And in doing so life finds another way to get our attention. Through more physical dis-ease, things not going to plan or really annoying people acting as mirrors in our life. ‘Seriously, what is THEIR (my) problem?!’

But the good news is that at any point we can put on the brakes, take off the running shoes, put down the shield, turn inwards and listen. We may not like what we hear, but, regardless of how long we avoid listening, it won’t let up until we hear it.

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