Staying open through the extremes of life

fairy flowers

Today marks nine months since my son was born. My family were due to be here with me now, but due to obvious world conditions, they cannot leave Australia. My dad still hasn’t held him so I’m feeling a little homesick. I’m also feeling closer to God/The Mother than I ever have before. And I do know I am exactly where I am meant to be. The extremes of being human in these strange times.

It is becoming very clear that we are going through something as a planet. Lots of inner deaths and inner births. And in between we must labour. Every knowing midwife knows that the only way through the initiation of birth is to find a way to open through it. To surrender enough to let the intelligence of Life show us the way.

I keep getting the feeling that we are being invited to let our minds, hearts, bones and cells open through the extremes of life on Earth. To hold the paradox of what it means to be human right now in each hand. The sweetness and the sadness, the agony and the ecstasy, the connection and the disconnection, the fierce love and the grief. No one is immune to the beauty and the agony of what it means to be a soul in a human body on planet Earth right now.

Perhaps we are each here as part of a planetary birthing team. Perhaps this is exactly why we agreed to come. Not because we are more special than any other soul that has come before, but because we are part of Life itself and it is becoming clear that our way of Life as we once knew it is not possible. Is not sustainable.

But in order to birth anew, first we must witness it all. This work is not easy. It requires inner deaths and inner births. It requires that we personally feel what is happening to the Earth, while somehow doing our work to stay open and not take it personally. We are individually and collectively being unwound, undone and unbound.

This new Earth that has been spoken about, that has been prophesied about is, I believe both ancient and new. Ancient in that it will involve the return of the feminine and the Mother, who is as old as the Earth itself. New in that it will require an integration of heaven and the sacred, right down to every cell.

I believe it is possible to coax the sacred soul back into everyday life. To call the sacred soul back home to the body. For us to truly know in our skin, flesh, bones, and cells what it is to be heaven incarnated on Earth. This is what it means to be a holy (wholly) human.

It is not exclusive or limited only to some. This is all of our birthright. We are each innocent, wholly holy souls having an incarnated human experience. If we deny our humanity or resist our incarnation, the soul is not able to incarnate all the way in. When we allow the soul and our humanness to truly be here, to truly integrate, we discover what it is to live ‘on Earth as it is in heaven.’ As above, so below.

I believe that this may be what we are all truly hungry for. Perhaps this is what we are really reaching for when we grab, take, consume and conquer. And I believe that if we collectively found a way to do this, to create conditions for the soul to truly integrate into the body, to see ourselves not as being ‘in nature’ but to realise that we are nature, then perhaps humanity will find a way to not just survive, but thrive on planet Earth.

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