My spiritual toolkit becomes your spiritual toolkit

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I’m writing with some exciting news.

The doors of enrolment are open for the Rise Sister Rise Sisterhood Membership + Community.

The Rise Sister Rise Sisterhood is a monthly membership and VIP community to support you in living a soul led life. Each month members receive teachings, meditations, rituals, soul journeys, spiritual tools, worksheets, and soul based workbooks to fill up their well and stay aligned to their soul.

Also included is access to the VIP Rise Sister Rise Sisterhood  an exclusive community of rising women dedicated to doing the work with exclusive access to VIP events and sacred pilgrimages. You’ll also receive a number of foundational tools straight away – techniques and meditations that I know will help you supercharge your spiritual connection and stay in touch with your soul.

rise sister rise

I’ve designed everything in the membership so that it’s easy and quick to access and use, and even if you only devote a couple of hours a month to it, you’ll be amazed at how much difference that monthly date with your soul will make.I’m so excited to see what will become possible for you and how your life will change when you make taking care of your spirit a key priority. 

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We’ll only be welcoming new members into our circle for the next 3 days and then we’ll be closing the doors so that we can create a sacred space together – so don’t miss your chance to join our Sisterhood!

I can’t wait to support you on your spiritual journey and to support you in spending more time with your soul.