I’m here to you connect with the callings of your soul so you can align your life and light up the world with your presence. All of my sessions and mentorships are completely personalised, starting off with who you are at soul level (your soul history, gifts… basically who you’ve been training to be for lifetimes). From here we will be given a map or guide to navigate through the things that are blocking you from expressing who you truly are and Work Your Light ™ in in a way that only you can. It’s my intention to use my own unique skills to support you in shining and working your light as bright as humanly possible!

Rebecca Campbell Shine your light


Includes: A full day 1:1 live coaching session with Rebecca. Whether you want to look at your business or if you are going through a personal transformation, spending the day with Rebecca by your side is a wonderful investment towards your rising.

The full day session is conducted live via Skype for clients worldwide. In person sessions are available in London UK only and incur an additional fee for venue hire.

£1300 + VAT 



This is for Lightworkers, healers, entrepreneurs and anyone who want to change the world. Big time. This package fuses together my unique experience as an intuitive guide and award winning advertising creative director. It’s more like a partnership where we will focus on shining your light in a way that only you can. You know what your calling is but want to turn up the heat and readjust thing things that are feeling a little off kilter, or perhaps you’ve got a billion ideas floating around but not sure which ones should be born first.

A fusion of soul growth, metaphysical marketing and soul-based business. We’ll look at how we can infuse your unique soul gifts, light and purpose into your life/business so that it is as one of a kind as you are.

We’ll bust through the blocks that are stopping you from shining your light as big and bright as possible (often this is based on a fear of being seen). We will heal and love the places that most need to be healed and loved. We will get clear on your message, offering and anything else that is craving some clarity. We will call in your tribe and get to the bottom of what is yearning to be expressed and brought into the world by you, so you can light up the world in your own amazing way.


△ 1 x Soul Reading

△ 5 x 1 hour intuitive mentor sessions

△ Rebecca’s unique expertise as an award winning creative director and brand expert

△ 1 x signed copy of Rebecca’s new book Light Is The New Black sent to you in the mail with a personal soul note

△ Monthly personalised assignments (homework, the fun kind)

△ 20+ page personalised Soul Blueprint Report (all wrapped up and sent in the mail especially for you).

There is very limited availability for mentorship positions and they are currently all full. If you’d like to be considered click on the button below to be included on the waitlist.

You will be notified when I release places, and we will start with a complimentary 15 minute Skype chat to see if you’re a match for the mentorship programme and to answer any of your questions.

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This session includes one hour with Rebecca over Skype to get to the heart of your current situation and to listen to what your soul is calling you towards. You will leave the session feeling inspired, supported and with a renewed sense of clarity.

SOLD OUT. If you would like to be notified when I start taking requests for 1 hour sessions again click on the button below to be included on the waitlist.

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Includes: A completely personalised 20+ paged book of who you are at soul level written just for you. 

Come home to yourself with your very own personalised book on your soul’s history. In this powerful reading you will receive a beautifully wrapped completely personalised book written just for you, with over 20+ pages revealing who you are at soul level. It’s like the book of your soul!

This unique and completely personalised gift (for you or a friend) which uncovers the authentic spirit of you and how to share your true gifts with the world. You’ll receive your Soul Blueprint all specially wrapped up in the mail with lots of love and bundles of light from me to you.

Soul Blueprint Reports all wrapped up

You will discover:

Who you are at soul level, your soul group of origin, your Soul Vibration Rate, your natural soul gifts, your Soul History, chosen Life Lessons, positive periods of history where your soul has experienced extreme growth, your main energy centre and how this relates to your soul purpose and chosen life path and more! If you have ever wondered why you’ve always felt a little different or where your little quirks come from, what the real reason is you came here – then this is for you!

I have received so much interest, and so many requests for these beautiful books that I am currently not taking any new requests.

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You’re here for a reason. Don’t wait to be picked. You’re ready.