Soul purpose, past lives and working your light


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Every time my friend Belinda Davidson and I get on the phone sparks fly. We have such a similar calling and story that I find myself going YES YES YES when we are in conversation. Our last podcast ‘Are you a mystic, empath or a lightworker?’ was so popular with both of our communities that we decided to record another one! Grab yourself a cuppa and settle on in to a conversation about soul purpose, past lives, stepping up and working your light.


Belinda and Bec Evet Square


The first time Belinda and I hopped onto Skype I had a very clear vision of us hosting a really powerful event together. I am so happy to announce that that day is coming! Belinda and I are joining forces and creating two ‘Rise Sister Rise: Step Up and Shine Bright’ Events in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. We will be in Melbourne on January 9th (click here for more details) and Sydney on January 10th (click here for more details). We are going to be holding a high vibrational space for modern mystics and light workers to come together, listen to the calls, release fears and blocks so we can truly work our light. So tell your Aussie sisters of the light and hope to see you there!

rise sister rise


  • Sarah Rowley

    Thank you for this wonderful conversation…you guys are so real…….I actually participated in Belinda’s first Modern Mystic course…and life took me on bends and curves until I landed in a bookshop and there you where Rebecca! Love how you are both connected! So what is around me, who is around me…I have opened the door to the spiritual closet…just need to jump out…and shine…be…. I live in Perth..the other side so I won’t be going but please know just listening today has boosted me into drive….Love you both 🙂

  • That’s so great Sarah! Belinda is wonderful 🙂

  • Keisha Reynolds

    Great conversation! My primary take away was that I can’t discuss and advise others without doing the spiritual work myself! I meditate but sometimes I am inconsistent with the practice. Belinda thanks for the way you’ve stated it! Rebecca, I listened to one of your talks with Hay House and had the honor of talking with you and getting lightworker advice from you. You helped me realized some of my fear with stepping out there and attracting my tribe is from a past life. Things are a lot clearer now. Thanks for all of the work you two do!