Seasonal rituals

seasonal ritual

Happy Lughnasadh / Imbolc eve, can you feel the wheel of the year turning? I believe that we ARE nature and like nature we are ever changing. Marking the subtle shifts of the seasons through ritual has been the most powerful practice I have found to stay aligned to the cyclic nature of Life. More than any other practice, it brings me into connection with nature and also keeps me in alignment with my own ever changing true nature.

After many years doing ritual I’ve discovered it is an incredible way to weave the spiritual with the physical. Heaven with earth. Ritual is like a stitch in the tapestry of our lives. It is how we weave the sacred into the everyday. It’s also a gentle yet deep way to connect with other people who might not consider themselves overly “spiritual”. Everyone longs for connection and ritual provides a container for that connection.

imbolc and lugnasadh

The Wheel of the Year is celebrated by many seekers all over the world, including pagans, Wiccans, witches of all kinds, and also nature-lovers who do not follow a specific spiritual tradition. It celebrates the turning of the seasons, and those who follow its rhythms mark its seasonal festival days or ‘Sabbats’.

Tomorrow is Imbolc / Lughnasadh in the southern/northern hemisphere. We are celebrating here in Glastonbury with a Lughnasadh Gratitude Celebration Ritual. If you’d like to receive the ritual I’m doing, or my beautiful Imbolc Cleansing Water Ritual if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you will receive both on the hub when you join my membership.

imbolc cleansing water ritual

Lughnasadh ritual

imbolc ritual

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