Rebecca Campbell is a modern day High Priestess led by the Divine. I’ve never in my life met anyone that shines like she does. Rebecca is the real deal. Bringing clarity to the deepest of spiritual subjects, this book is a response to the call of the soul.

Kyle Gray, author of Wings of Forgiveness

Rebecca is a vibrant and authentic voice in the emerging self-empowerment landscape, and effortlessly marries the numinous call of the soul with real life wisdom for women on the rise.

Ruby Warrington, founder,


Each new generation needs a new inspirational voice, to me Rebecca Campbell is that voice. I just love witnessing a new, young talent about to unleash a storm that will change the way we think about our personal empowerment and spirituality.

Mel Carlile, Managing Director, Mind Body Spirit Festival

Rebecca courageously guides us to turn our lights on and follow the daily calls of our soul so we can all light up the world with our authentic spirit. “Light Is The New Black is an inspiring book with a message that is so needed right now.

Sonia Choquette, New York Times best-selling author of Trust your Vibes, Your Heart’s Desire and Walking Home.


Rebecca Campbell is a highly gifted intuitive, mentor and teacher who is here to show women how to discover their inner light and soul purpose.   If you want to bring more light into your life and rise up and shine bright, she’s your guide!

 Belinda Davidson, Founder of School of the Modern Mystic.

I’m a super-fan of Rebecca Campbell and her new book, Light Is the New Black. This book is relatable, real, soul centered and empowering. Rebecca guides her reader to step into their authentic power so that they can live and lead at their highest potential. Light is the New Black is a must read for all Spirit Junkies on their path to living a miraculous life.

Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now


Bec is the embodiment of that warm, safe home that you require in not only a guide, but also a friend. She is a dazzling and powerful force of light but alongside that, is gentle, intelligent and totally hilarious. She brings forth openly and honestly a beautiful vulnerability and projects a courageous meeting of the human and soul experience, real and raw.

Bec always knows when to tap into that old soul you have but also when to recognise the challenges of just being here now and I feel so grateful to have her on my team. If you feel that sense of needing to come ‘back home’ and that urge to rise up and step into your purpose, then you have found your woman and you are so lucky!

Artist, Intuitive, Empowerment Coach and Magic Maker


The “Work Your Light” mentorship program was the best investment I’ve made in myself. Rebecca is truly inspirational. Her spiritual wisdom combined with her practical business skills helped me transform my life. She holds you accountable and provides small action steps that lead to big life changes before you know it.
To someone who wants to work with Rebecca, I would say if you feel that “niggle” follow it! She is truly an amazing guide/teacher/mentor/soul-sister. She helped me really get to know my higher self and then held me accountable to channeling that higher self into practical everyday ways. I left my traditional ‘make your parents happy’ job and really stepped into who I wanted to be. I am now a very busy massage therapist. I’m forever grateful.
Siobhan Melley, Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, and Yoga Teacher
Words can not express how highly I recommend Rebecca’s Work Your Light Mentorship package. The divine guidance, support, wisdom and clarity I received during my mentor sessions with Rebecca were priceless.
I am now able to confidently take my business to the next level, using the personalised soul-based business tools Rebecca shared with me, and answer my souls calling to make women look and feel like the best version of themselves.
Rebecca’s Work Your Light Mentorship package is a must for all conscious entrepreneurs wanting to build their business on a solid spiritual foundation.


I just listened to the spirit guide meditation and it was amazing!!! At one point I was crying (my first guide) as the sense of unconditional love was overwhelming and at another point (meeting my third guide) I was overcome with mirth and I couldn’t stop giggling, she had a very cheeky vibe it was awesome!!


Having previously had a 1:1 soul reading and attended Spirited Sessions, when I committed to deepening my spiritual connection I knew Rebecca was the one to work with. With her guidance I was given the space to really explore and identify my souls calling, which I had always heard but didn’t know how to act upon. I now have the confidence to claim my message, and share it with others so they may grow and heal from it too. I have a much deeper and richer connection with spirit, and have experienced magic and miracles because of this. I feel I am finally pointed in the right direction, and have aligned all of my being to who I truly am. If there is a little voice inside you, that says you are going to change the world, but you have no idea how – get in touch with Rebecca x.

I loved it. It was amazing, profound, incredible, other worldly, surreal, beautiful, loving, light filling, God filled, angelic, comforting, homesick curing, healing…. I could go on and on. I just wanted you to know. You are incredible and what you are doing is really helping, healing and making a difference.

I was irresistibly drawn to consult with Rebecca Campbell and have enjoyed every second! What a blast! She is insightful, supportive, intuitive and spot on! She shines so brightly! She has been instrumental in helping me to explicitly, rather than simply intuitively, embrace my soul purpose. Just love her to bits!! I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.

I can’t thank you enough for my Soul Reading, it truly was transformational. I can’t believe how different I feel today. It was a relief to know I was on the right path. It gave me a renewed boost of energy and amplified the “better get on with it” feeling and there is a sense that I can let go, do what comes naturally and the universe will move round to make what needs to happen, happen. I’ve been overflowing with love all day today and I have so much energy I feel like one of those toys with a duracell battery:)

Rebecca Campbell is a divine paradox where beauty, devotion and all things fabulous collide. Fierce yet graceful, strategic yet boundless, grounded yet cosmic – she is powerful beyond measure.

Her infinite light and energy is a healing presence to anyone and everyone and she shares it effortlessly. Her playful & adventurous spirit is intoxicating & manages to gently shine light into our darkest, saddest heart wounds.

She’s up there with the most powerful new age feminine gurus, but unlike the others she will probably offer you a glass of champagne rather than a herbal tea – or probably both!

Do yourself a favour. Gift yourself a session with Rebecca Campbell & see how the universe works its magic through her – you, and your heart of hearts will thank you for it.

The clarity, memories and ‘YES!”s are off the hook! It has inspired me in many ways, from soul perspective to soul business perspective.


Rebecca has a wonderful gift of being able to cut through the clouds and focus light directly into your soul to illuminate a path toward branding your spirit.

She intuitively accesses the big picture of You that leads to options you might not have considered without her as a partner in creating a business with soul.

I loved working with Rebecca! She showed me how to let my spirit be my brand, and helped me to create a new online presence with her expertise, love and light. She’s brilliant, fun, creative and a joy!

I just had a memorable reading with Rebecca over Skype. I reached out to her because I am embarking on my journey as an intuitive healer and life coach and love learning as much about myself as possible so that I can serve at my highest capacity. It provided me with so much clarity & affirmation around my life purpose and a deeper, more intimate understanding of my Self. She described characteristics about me that only my closest family knows. I immediately felt comfortable with her as if we had known each other for years and I could feel her warmth and love from across the ocean. Rebecca is a gorgeous gift to the world.

Alexis Williams

It gave me a new outlook on my life and my purpose. I cannot thank you enough. Rebecca is a true blessing and the world should be thankful for having such a wonderful, spirited light worker to help lead the way.

I feel like a deeply changed person and am so grateful to Rebecca for the beautiful guiding role she has played in my journey. I truly do feel that I have reconnected with my spark – it is an amazing feeling and I feel committed to continuing my work to keep living like this. I know that I still have areas to work on, but I also now trust that this will reveal itself to me in the perfect way and time which is a much-less overwhelming way to view life. I thank Rebecca for sharing her wisdom and for giving so generously of herself.

Rebecca is authentic, empowered and beautifully honest in her writing and as a person.

Hollie Holden, writer of Notes on Living and Loving.

Rebecca Campbell courageously illuminates the way for a new wave of vibrant visionaries to emerge and own their full-spectrum radiance.

Nancy Levin, bestselling author of Jump … And Your Life Will Appear

What a truly wonderful night we shared with Rebecca Campbell when I hosted her for Conscious Living Events in July ‘15! Her ‘Work Your Light’ evening was a total sell-out, and rightly so! This lady walks her talk and is a real inspiration to all who meet her. Her non-negotiable attitude to her spiritual growth is joy to witness.

She may be one of the ‘new kids’ on the spiritual circuit block. But…. watch this space!

Rebecca is doing some wonderful work and the way she imparts her wisdom is unique, beautiful, from the heart and totally authentic. I feel so blessed to have hosted Rebecca and can’t wait to have her back for Conscious Living Events again in the near future. Thank you dearest Rebecca.

Claire Quartel of Conscious Living Events

Rebecca has been like a long lost soul sister to me during one of the most transformative periods of my life. She has held the space for me to be my most vulnerable and guided me through redefining what it means to me to truly embody my divine feminine as well as helped me step into my power around running my business from a heart-centered, organized and effective place. I am grateful for the intuitive soul guidance, her incredible energy and the deep love I feel from her and for her. Rebecca is truly a gem, read her books, see her speak and work with her if you can, she is an incredible force of light.


If you want to work with someone who will help you identify your authentic voice and provide you with ideas and strategies on how to incorporate these more fully into your life so that you’re living in full alignment with your true Self, Rebecca is your woman! With her creative flair and spiritual, soul-centred mindset, Rebecca can really hone in and help you cut through all the BS, bringing you right back home to yourself. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Working with Rebecca in her Work Your Light Mentorship has been a very special part of my journey as an woman, entrepreneur and coach. From day one, the soul blueprint helped me understand in much more details the path that I am feeling called into for my life work and my unique strengths and skills I bring to it. Our mentoring sessions were a beautiful mix of deep soul work some weeks and business brainstorming sessions on others – 2 of my favourite things in life – the perfect mix.

Amanda Jane