Say yes. Expand through the extremes. Trust life.

This is probably one of the biggest challenges of Life: keeping your heart open through the extremes. No one is immune to the highs and lows of the human experience. From the ecstasy to the agony, the joy to the grief, the love to the loss. We can’t bypass the difficult parts of being human if we want to truly experience the bliss. And if you close your heart off to the grief, you won’t be able to fully experience the joy.

The rose teaches us this, season after season. She knows that if She doesn’t surrender to each of the seasons, come summer She won’t be able to bloom. Birth teaches us this too. The safer the mother feels, the more she can open.


Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

Living and dying with your heart open is truly a courageous act, as a life well lived is full of losses and tragedies as well as great love, triumphs, and adventures. When we’re going through difficult times, when we most want to separate, the healing is often found in connection not separation. When we close our heart and shut down because the pain is too much, we often find ourselves more separate than before. The rose shows us how to open to the world, no matter what the day brings.

This card is here to encourage you to say yes to life, to expand through the extremes, and to put your two feet wholly and completely in.

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How can you say ‘yes’ to life?

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