Morning Dew

 Clarity. A fresh start. A positive outlook.

There’s a special moment when the day is new and the Sun still young when we too are given the opportunity to begin again. The presence of the morning dew welcomes us with the grace of a fresh start, and as the moisture gathers on the rose, it invites us to see things clearly, sometimes in a whole new way than we did the previous day. A new perspective is suddenly here.

Healers from all corners of the Earth believe in the incredible healing quality of the morning dew. They believe that it possesses the same healing properties as the plants themselves, with the dew capturing their essence in clear potency. Practices such as walking barefoot on the morning dew, drinking from the petals of flowers, and placing dew on the body are thought to bring about powerful shifts in healing.

Card of the day from The Rose Oracle

If we’re lucky enough to meet the morning in this way, we too may be blessed by the special healing liquid that carries the secret essence of both the Earth and the entire Universe within it: the morning dew.

This card brings the message that clarity is on its way. A new start and a change of perspective are possible. Shifts are coming. The future is looking renewed, hopeful, positive, and bright. Keep focusing on your ideal outcome and trust in the presence of the potent morning dew.

Rose Transmission:

I’m open to receiving the potent clarity and shifts of the morning dew. I’m open to seeing this situation with new eyes

take me to the oracle

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