Moments that you know are coming

Last week my beautiful Nanna Peg’s soul left her body, a week shy of 98. She was adored by many including me, one of 11 grandchildren.

Nanna was flower girl at my wedding & as a young girl she introduced me to the spirits of the flowers. I dedicated The Rose Oracle to her, she appears on the Held & Grandmother’s cards.

The Grandmother's The Rose Oracle Rebecca Campbell

The thing I loved most about Nanna was her presence. She stayed in each moment with you not rushing onto the next. And she would stop & look into your eyes for as long as you let her. She had beautiful eyes with flecks of gold in them. A deep well of wisdom with splashings of playfulness & a competitive streak. She took winning very seriously, was always at the front of my workshops, loved mother Mary, talked to spirits, & wore jeans & gold shoes until the end.

This last summer I’m so glad I got to spend time with her in Australia & was so grateful she got to meet Sunny and that she shared so many lucid moments with me. She would push Sunny around in her walker, & sing the song that she would sing to my mum who sang it to me & mum taught to Sunny.

When I presented her with a copy of oracle she spent minutes studying every card, running her hands over them repeating each word. It felt like she was blessing them or maybe me.

I said goodbye over her balcony knowing it’d be the last time I saw her. We couldn’t hug because she was ill & lockdown. She wished me a safe trip & reminded me that she’d always be with me in spirit no matter what happens. She would write that often in her letters to me, saying our connection would last well beyond this life. I so appreciated her open mind, how deeply she believed & her willingness to go deep always. Nothing ever felt unspoken.

As I drove off with my mum she was standing on the balcony pretending she was soaring back to England, flying through in the sky like a plane or an eagle. Glimpses of her playful young at heart graceful spirit so present & a picture I’ll forever carry with me.

I’m so grateful for her presence in my life. For always being so present & making me feel like I was a present. And I’m so looking forward to our relationship continuing on in this whole new way.


Rebecca x

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