Making the inner voice louder than the outer voice

Today was one of those rare full circle moments, where you see the many threads of your life come together. Twelve years of them or more.

Ever since I can remember I was aware of this call deep within but I couldn’t quite make out what it was trying to say. That there was something I needed to remember, to wake up to, to devote my life to. Perhaps we all have that.

The older I get the more and more I believe that this inner call is actually the most normal thing in the world. That we all have access to it. The trick is to somehow make the inner voice louder than the voices on the outside.

Perhaps if we were born in a time much more ancient than these, the inner voice may have been the one we were taught to hear first. And maybe that is what we are remembering to do?

Looking back from a place of hindsight I have the perspective to see that it is this call, this inner voice, that has been leading me every step of the way. And that turning up the volume of that inner voice and helping others to do the same is what I’m here for.

I spent all of today in Regent’s Park Rose Garden, THE rose garden where it all began. It was here, back in 2010, surrounded by thousands of exquisite fragrant blooms, that I discovered I heard that inner voice the most clearly and loudly.

It is here from park bench to park bench that I would write my first two books and oracle deck.


About 50 meters away is the tree that I used to meet Robyn Silverton under each week, to plan our Spirited Session Workshops – we taught them monthly in London, shout out to anyone who attended one back in the early days in our living rooms!

Today, on a quick visit to London, while walking around the circular gardens and sitting on those same benches under canopies of the very same climbing roses, I had one of those full circle moments of the deepest of gratitude.

I could feel my younger self full of faith, choosing to courageously trust the inner voice of my soul and to act on it day after day after day.

regents park rose garden

I see now how simple it is to live a soul-led life. And also, how much trust, commitment and grounded actions it takes.

Perhaps the inner voice is actually our future self talking to us, calling us forth. Or perhaps it is the ancestors yet to come or the great intelligence of the earth and beyond. This voice, this inner call, has got to be one of the greatest mysteries of them all. And yet, there is something within me that says it is also the thing I am most certain of.

Soul Inquiry:

What is your soul calling you towards?


Rebecca x

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