Louise Androlia

louise androlia
Louise Androlia

Ladies Of The Light is a concept that has been beckoning me in my meditation, Morning Pages (journal) and random post its around the house for a couple of years now, but I had a few fears to get over (like truly sharing my voice loud and proud) before it could be born.

My overall vision is to explore, support and celebrate ladies who are devoting their lives to something bigger. Speaking out, following an inner calling… and doing it in a way that only they can (read more about it here).

My snobby perfectionistic Virgo inner critic urged me to wait until I…  get the right camera/sound equipment, membership website, had a budget etc etc etc before I even consider putting anything out there… but after speaking to my friends Amy, Jackee and Susannah, I decided to start before I felt ready with the first Lady Of The Light video: featuring my dear friend Louise Androlia.

A glorious mix of intuitive, creative, grounded, limitless, magic and stubborn (the good kind), Louise Androlia started up her own lingerie label in her 20’s – she’s only ever worked for herself! Her own healing journey stirred something in her soul and now she is a total Lady Of The Light working as an intuitive coach, tarot reader and beyond talented artist.

louise androlia

What I love most about Lou is that (like a total Lady Of The Light) she has her own special way of doing things. Her tarotscopes: a fusion of tarot and astrology. Her art: a combination of beauty and magical ponderings. Her heart: caught between London, LA, the countryside and a cosmic dream world that is her imagination. Striking and introverted. Stubborn and gentle. Strong and sensitive. Precise and caring. Confident and humble. She is a beautiful concoction of unique authenticity (with seriously amazing hair).

Grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to soak up the rose garden Zen as I talk to this luminous Lady Of The Light in my favourite place on the planet: Regents Park Rose Garden.

All my light,

Bec ▲

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  • Conduct all your interviews in the rose garden! It’s beautiful!!

    “If you have a message someone is waiting to hear it” So good and so true. Thank you for that Louise. I need to run around in nature too… I really love the sea, like wild rugged coastline and miss it badly now I’m in London

    Excited to see more of these videos 🙂

  • Sarah

    I loved this 🙂 Loved the soul message’s, all really resonated with me, especially as I rebrand my website and work ! Can’t wait for more. Thank you xx oh yes and the snobby perfectionist virgo bit made me laugh, as a fellow virgo!

  • Get yourself to Regents Park Rose Garden @olliemydogmyguru:disqus Your heart will open and your feet will frolic! I’m like you, miss the sea and salt and sand. Took me a good six years over here to realise how much my spirit (and mind and body) NEEDS nature in order to be sane!

  • Ha ha us virgo’s gotta stick together! There’s nothing that anyone can say to us that we don’t say to ourselves lol!

  • I’m so happy you enjoyed it x

  • I’m excited it resonated with you – good luck with your rebrand! xx

  • Joanne Reeves-Baker

    I adore the concept of Ladies of the Light!! Look forward to hearing more about this wonderful examples of goddesses in the 21st century.

  • A lovely interview in the rose garden!
    Great to hear you ladies speaking so frankly about how adversity has been so important on your path.
    Life can be so challenging, we need all the reassurance we can get when things look disastrous and desperate.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Sarupa Shah

    YA delighted you started this without letting the Virgo shadow win…beautiful – ladies of the light, love it… can’t wait for more…! 🙂

  • Yeah! Thanks @Sarupa xxx

  • It’s so great isn’t it! I loved being the first subject 🙂

  • Happy to hear you enjoyed it Rosemary – and yes Bec and are are firm believers in sharing what is really happening, it’s awful to be feeling vulnerable and afraid and think you are all alone – xx

  • <3 So glad you found us @joannereevesbaker:disqus x x x

  • Amen! Sending you some rose garden love @rosemary_cunningham:disqus 🙂 The gift is in the suffering but it sure doesn’t feel like it at the time. xxx

  • Amen sista!

  • Thanks @sarupashah:disqus! It always feels good when the Virgo shadow is put in her box lol x

  • Half Asleep Studio

    Loved it! So happy I discovered your website via The Numinous. 🙂