Ladies Of The Light

ladies of the light

Ladies of the light

If you’ve read my words before you will know how fascinated I am about the power each of us have to be bright lights in the world when we come home to ourselves and show up to who we truly are. I call it Working Your LightI’ve written before about how as a young girl I knew I wanted to devote my life to something bigger without quite being able to put my finger on what that something was. It’s only now looking back, that the path is just beginning to make sense. Dots are beginning to join…

Joan of arc ladies of the light

Image by Frederick Dunn

Ladies Of The Light is a concept that has been beckoning me in my meditation, Morning Pages (journal) and random post its around the house for a couple of years now, but I had a few fears to get over (like truly sharing my voice loud and proud) but now I feel it’s time for it to be born (and stop procrastinating over feeling ready cos let’s face it, that time never really comes!).

So here goes: With Ladies Of The Light it’s my intention to:

▲ Shine a light on this new breed of woman who are answering an inner call to be of service to the world.

▲  Discover whether being a “Lightworker” is something we are born as, something we choose, or both.

▲ Explore the Dalai Lama’s prediction: “The world will be saved by the Western woman”.

▲ Create a supportive community of ladies (and some lovely lads too) who are devoting their lives to something bigger.

▲ Look at ways we can support each other in being bright lights rather than compete as I believe that we are here ultimately for the same reason.

▲ Discover if “life mission” is something that we come into this life with (which is where my head is at now) or, if it’s something that awakens within us from our unique experiences.

▲ Find inspiration from ladies who have taken a courageous leap of faith based on an inner knowing (regardless of rational reason and logic) that there was a message for them to share.

▲ Shine a light on the journeys Ladies Of The Light have taken in answering the call and being of service which can serve as inspiration for those currently riding two surfboards.

▲ Provide practical tips and tools to assist us to ‘Live In The Light’.

▲ Explore how people manage to find light in the darkest – desolate – most rock bottom-y of places, and if this darkness is necessary for us to be cracked open.

▲ Celebrate women who have found a way to forge their own authentic path, rather than follow someone else’s.

▲ Delve into the connection between authenticity and abundance.

▲ Explore the connection between creativity and being a clear channel so that ideas can flow through us rather than be created by us.

Check out Episode 1 with Lady of the Light: Louise Androlia here and Episode 2 with Lady of the Light Monika Laschkolnig here.

More coming soon!

All my light,

Rebecca ▲