How to be a lightworking lady boss


The thing that trips up so many lightworkers, healers, coaches and artists is a fear of making money for helping others. When I first started my business I struggled with this big time. The thought of asking people who were in personal crisis to pay me for helping them sent me into a spin. I had no boundaries, answering emails late at night and giving waaaaaaay more of my time than agreed leaving me depleted and unable to offer my most potent medicine.

As my work started to get more and more traction, I discovered that if I was going to create a life’s work not a season, I was going to have to build my business in a sustainable way. This meant, getting comfortable with charging for my services (which like most healers out there, were gained after many many years and countless thousands of dollars investing in my training) and getting about the serious business of unleveling my business.

That’s when I heard about Denise Duffield Thomas. After being on her mailing list for a short while (and loving her down to earth style, obsession with Oprah and sense of humour), I signed up to her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and soon began seeing how my money blocks were actually stopping me from serving more people. Through attempting to measure my worth in 60 minute windows I was stopping my creations from getting out into the world and in a way, dimming my light in order to fit in.

Over the years I have seen the same thing happen with thousands of women I’ve worked with and am continually recommending Denise’s work to anyone who is serious about being a proper Lady Boss, serving in a way that is sustainable and creating a life around what lights them up.

Recently I interviewed Denise in the above Rise Sister Rise Podcast: about money blocks, up-leveling and how to create a sustainable career as a Lightworker by being of service to ourselves as well as others.

I hope you enjoy it!

lucky bitch

P.S.  SPECIAL BONUS: If you are interested in taking Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, I’m offering everyone who signs up before the 27th of October 6 months membership to my Rise Sister Rise Sisterhood for them or a friend. If you sign up just send an email through to and we will get you set up.