Honouring your soul purpose

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

There is a mysterious force that is woven through all of life and also within you. An intelligent force that tells flowers when to bloom and the moon when to wax and wane. It is the niggle when things don’t feel right and the giddy skip when they do. It is the sinking knowing and the BING BING BING that tells you what path is calling you.

I call it the whisper of our soul and it is this intelligent force that I have devoted my life’s work to. And so when my friend Robert Holden asked me to sit down and have a conversation about exactly this for the Hay House World Summit, my own soul sounded a BIG FAT NO BRAINER YES!

And today I am really thrilled to be able to share the recording of this nourishing soul conversation with you today and invite you to listen to it for free for the next week as part of the Hay House World Summit. (You can listen to it here)