My Hay House World Summit Talk!



Hello from the paradise of an island, Tenerife,

I am here on a very special holiday swimming with wild dolphins and whales. Our guide Winny has devoted her life to the spiritual connection with the animals and it really shows. Yesterday was our first day on the water and WOW, at one point we were surrounded by over fifty dolphins and three fin whales!

Before I head back to the salt water, I want to let you guys know something exciting!

My Hay House World Summit talk is now LIVE!!!!!!!!!


Hay House world summit

In it I talk about:

 Why so many people have been hiding out in spiritual closets
 The feminine energy that is rising all over the planet
 Embodying the potency of who you are and the work you are here to do
△ Leading from the feminine
△ Overcoming past life traumas
△ The wild and wise woman archetypes
 The persecution of the witches
△ Anchoring yourself through devotion
△ Genuine sisterhood
△ Embracing our cyclic nature
 Why so many of us are heeding the call to rise
△ Overcoming fear around doing your soul’s work
△ The power of connecting with nature
△ And lots more!

I also managed to fit in a MEDITATION (connecting Mother Earth and Source energy to support you), and one of my poems 🙂

I hope you enjoy it!

I’ll be checking the comments on the page so be sure to say hi in the comments section.

I’m sending you so much love and wisdom whispers from the ocean. I’ll be sending the unconditional dolphin love and whale wisdom from the Atlantic today.

Rebecca xoxoxox