The golden ticket to getting published

The most significant moment of my life was the moment I got the phone call saying that my first book (Light Is The New Black) was going to be published.

It marked the completion of a 15+ year journey (and perhaps an even longer soul one) from when I first heard the whisper to share my soul’s voice but was too afraid to do it. 

My whole life I had this longing to create, to contribute, to serve but I didn’t know how and I never felt READY. Always so many ideas but deciding on one was where I tripped up. Forever pregnant with words while also waiting for that moment when I would feel ready to birth them. 

I longed for structure, for clarity, for a clear path, for decisiveness and also courage. 

One of the most valuable steps on my journey was attending the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. By then I was committed to showing up to my soul’s voice every day and like any creative, needed a deadline. 

I knew I had several books in me that longed to be born and attending the writer’s workshop was an instrumental step on my journey. Being given a step by step guide to put my ideas into action was invaluable. I attended the event feeling like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Deep down I knew my books were going to be born one way or another and attending that event was my golden ticket to getting my manuscript seen by my dream publisher. I knew that they offered a book contract to the winning submission and so used this event as a possible way in.

Over an Easter weekend I submitted my proposal and then surrendered it to the Gods. Several months later, after a morning of writing in the park, I made my way home for lunch. My phone began ringing as I was jotting down the last whispers that had arrived in my heart as I opened the front door. So consumed by writing I answered my phone on the last ring and discovered it was Hay House offering me a book deal! I wept the big grateful tears while looking out over the rooftops of London savouring this significant moment. It truly was one of those moments that I will always remember. 

If there ever was a moment that was marked onto the timeline of my life before I was born, it felt like that was it. My entire being let out a whopping sigh of relief knowing that finally my soul’s voice had found its way home.

There are book ideas waiting to be born. Messages, looking for writers to write them into reality. 

I truly believe that the only difference between an amateur writer and a professional writer is the professional shows up every day to write. No matter how long it takes. If you have a book in you or a message that is calling you to share it, I cannot recommend the Hay House Writer’s Workshop enough. And there is this free masterclass run by Reid Tracey (the President of Hay House) right now which shares lots of tips about getting published and answering the call to be a writer. Sign up to it here.