Divine Mother Prayer

divine mother prayer

divine mother prayer

Divine Mother,

Thank you for helping me remember the truth of who I am.

Especially when it is different from the truth of who I thought i was.



  • Dharm

    Beautiful words of sincerity and gratitude 🙂

    ” who I thought i was ” struck a chord with me

    When a thought appears in our consciousness, we unconsciously, automatically accept it as
    true, simply because it arises within us…within “me”…because it is “my” thought.

    Just imagine – every individual believing their perspective was the truth because a thought arose within them which they then believed to be true without any examination as to its validity! What better way to create separation and division?!

    How often do we question the validity of a thought that arises and subsequently forms part of our belief structure and identity?

    I have a thought about a particular subject, which I believe to be true. Not for any other reason than it arose within me, so it must be true!!! You have a thought on the same subject which is contradictory to my thought. Which one is correct? Yours? mine? either of them? Or are they just thoughts? And…are they yours? Are they original? Or are they inherited?
    Conditioned? Programmed?

    At some point we all have to stop and consider that our beliefs which form an integral part of
    who we think we are (our identity) are nothing more than thoughts which arose within us which, unexamined, we claimed to be “true”.

    What would happen, if we took a leap of faith and just for a moment, considered the possibility that we don’t really know anything?

    What would happen, if the next time we began to defend our position/perspective because of our belief structure, before our conditioning kicked in, we simply paused to consider we may not be “right?”

    Do we have the courage to accept that who we think we are is just a thought?

    Anyway, just a ” thought ” 🙂 🙂

  • Kelsey Dalziel

    Just when I think I know myself, I amaze myself!