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I love nothing more than a good old Netflix session after a big day creating or doing sessions. It’s my ultimate guilty pleasure. But I seem to get more and more sensitive when it comes to what I can consume these days. Are you the same?

When I was a teenager I used to race home from school to watch the Oprah episode from that day… ever since then, I’ve always been on the lookout for conscious films, which is why I am always happy when the Hay House World Summit comes along!

This year when you join you will receive access to 15 conscious films and 100 lessons from spiritual teachers all over the world (including me) and 4 free meditations.

If you register now and receive a pre-event bonus video interview from Deepak Chopra and Reid Tracy, where they discuss how to prevent and reverse disease with Deepak’s Six Keys to Health.

CLICK HERE to get hooked up!

hay house world summit