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Are you ready to confidently read oracle cards and truly embody your intuitive gifts?

You’re in the right place. I can’t tell you how often I talk to people who are drawn to oracle cards but doubt their inner wisdom or struggle to act on the intuitive guidance revealed by the cards.

They tell me, "I love oracle cards but don’t really feel like I was ever shown the basics, I wish I had more clarity and confidence in my card readings." Can you relate?

Master the ancient art of card reading

Have you heard the call to develop your intuition but don't know where to start? I've been there. I remember hearing the call to develop my intuition and support people in deeper ways, however I lacked the confidence to trust it.

I embarked on a 28 year journey to create a clear and steady framework to access and trust my intuitive gifts and deepen my passion for oracle card reading.

In this training I have distilled the richest teachings and map out my personal 10 step process, offering you a seamless path to strengthen your intuitive gifts and master the ancient art of card reading.

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You are the oracle. Learn my 10 step card reading process.

A framework to access your intuition

The reason I love oracle card reading is that it is a grounded framework that allows us to access our inner wisdom. Through learning to work with the cards you will be held in a trusted process to access this inner wisdom and connect more deeply with others.

I will help you feel steady in your card reading, transform your doubt into clarity and answer your unique call with card reading, so you can confidently offer card readings for yourself and others as a certified card reader, anchored in your own intuitive abilities.

Master the foundations of this ancient divination modality to support yourself and others through giving powerful oracle card readings!

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Oracle Cards have helped me become more confident in my calling

The thing I love most about working with the cards is that they provide a grounded structure to access intuition. Working with a grounded framework in the physical organises what is unseen and brings it into the real world.

Oracle Card reading is a wonderful tool to support you in so many ways, from reading professionally, to adding more depth to coaching sessions, from hosting workshops to running retreats, from making decisions to connecting more deeply with loved ones.

Learn from the world's leading oracle card creator

After falling in love with card reading as a teenager in 1996 I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about this ancient mystical modality. Almost 30 years on, I have spent thousands of hours working with oracle cards professionally and have even gone on to create five bestselling oracle decks. These decks are used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Let me be your guide in mastering the foundations of oracle card reading and turn your passion into something that can support you professionally.

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you...

What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling deeply connected to your intuition, knowing that you can attune effortlessly to guidance through oracle cards.

To know you are expressing and sharing your unique soul gifts with the world with confidence, ease and joy?

To feel affirmed and be recognised for your unique wisdom and intuitive gifts?

This is SO possible for you!

Are you ready to start making your connection to intuition a primary guiding light in your life?

I invite you to register for the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training with Rebecca Campbell!

Here's what current students are saying about training with Rebecca Campbell...

The teachings, the processes, the communities, the sharing is beyond anything else I’ve encountered. I will be forever grateful for this journey, and it will serve me for the rest of my life.

– Camilla Sagen Bringslid

It has brought clarity to my soul's purpose and dharmic path in this lifetime.

– Katherine Trotter

If you are looking for a safe experience, properly nurtured and accompanied, and respectful of your uniqueness to connect deeply with the Sacred and your spiritual dimension, I believe the Inner Temple Mystery School can provide you with guidance and diverse exploration practices to embody your own learnings, gifts and talents.

– Katia Mandujano

It is an AMAZING container to be in. With likeminded souls. To really enjoy this journey together. The exercises are really deepening. It is playful to explore in so many ways. And the live calls are also very supportive and beautiful.

– Bea Smaal

I highly recommend the The Inner Temple Mystery School if you would love to dive deeper into having your own direct experience with the Divine.

– Mary Burnett Brown

It touches the Soul. And it is accessible. For me, as a child this was the school I wanna to go to, but never had, but now I can do it. This is the real school.

– Annemarie Korteweg

I’ve become more connected with the world around me and have started seeing with new eyes.

– Beth Hill

The Inner Temple Mystery School was the most profound, intense and deeply moving 9 months of my life. The programme is outstanding and nothing else I’ve done or heard about comes close. I sunk deeper and deeper into each module and honestly was incredibly sad to finally complete it, last Sunday. The Inner Temple Mystery School has changed how I see myself, how I relate to my soul and how I feel so much more connected to the world around me. I’m forever grateful.

– Niamh Ennis

A clear process to support you to:

  • Learn how to give oracle card readings professionally
  • Be trained in Rebecca's never-before-taught ten step card reading process
  • Activate your unique intuitive gifts
  • Learn the history and origins of the ancient modality of card reading
  • Choose which Rebecca Campbell Oracle Deck you wish to work with and be a certified card reader in
  • Develop your intuitive senses and gifts
  • Activate your intuitive wisdom through clear step-by-step guidance
  • Learn how to channel and interpret the unseen world of spirit
  • Learn how to activate, attune and connect with an oracle deck
  • Create your own unique card reading kit
  • Be guided through an immersive experience to receive the full transmission of each oracle card
  • Learn how to confidently channel and interpret the unseen world of spirit
  • Establish your own process of how to read oracle cards for yourself and for others

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  • 12 hours of instructional video in bite sized lessons to radically up-level your understanding of how to work with oracle cards
  • A 250 page training manual for you refer to over the years beyond the training
  • Rebecca's never-before-taught 10-step card reading process - for you to learn, adapt and make your own
  • Guided experiential practices so you can develop and deepen your own unique, intuitive gifts.
  • Never-before-told lessons, reflections and insights of the creation process of every individual Rebecca Campbell oracle card
  • Integration and reflection processes to properly anchor and personalise your learning experience
  • Practical tools and tips on how to read cards for others, personally and professionally.
  • 44 immersive transmission meditations to cultivate an embodied understanding of each oracle card within your chosen deck
  • Join a deeply supportive community and alumni of card readers (facebook group optional)
  • Become a certification card reader upon completion of the training
  • Accreditation (CDP Standards Office) upon completion of the course work for xx hours

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the investment

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There is no risk in enrolling

If you decide the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training isn’t for you, no worries! You can contact us 14 days from the date of purchase to request a refund and we will give you your money back. But if you contact us after 14 days from your purchase, we don’t offer refunds.


Certified Oracle Card Reader Training is accredited by the CPD Standards Office

It helped remind me that the sacred is all around me. I can see it everywhere in plain sight. I just needed a program to help me look up.

– Sarah Turino

I have not looked further than this offering, I have always trusted all of Rebecca’s offerings from sacred pilgrimages, oracles, books, workshops, and now the amazing mystery school, blessed.

– Carrie Smith

Rebecca's sincerity and low key approach, this is what we all are connected to and belong to, it's no Hokus pokus... even though it is ♡

– Lena Göransson

It expanded my awareness. Connected me to lost and neglected aspects of myself and my life. Heightened my sensitivity to my own personal energy and their around me.

– Roxanne Ricketts

It provides a structure to learn how to dive deep on a topic. It provides multiple avenues for spiritual practice and development and there is a community to be part of.

– Kristin Moen

The course is very well designed and it is very flexible giving you plenty of opportunities to do it the way is better for your learning style: reading, listening, watching, doing and of course feeling in your Soul Journeys. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about their spiritual practice and curious and brave to find their soul mission and live a meaningful soul life and spreading the Light

– Liset Rieger

Are you ready to deepen your Oracle Card skills and unlock new levels of insight?

Training outline

Take a deeper look into the training syllabus

Module 1


Oracles throughout history, myth & folklore

Your journey with card reading

Trusting your intuition

Understanding the intuitive senses

Strengthening your intuition

Building Confidence

Working with Spirit and the unseen world

Oracle Cards Vs Tarot Cards

Selecting the right oracle deck for you

Fate, destiny and prediction

Creating your own Card Reading Kit

Your unique calling as a card reader

what's Included

Module 2


How to connect with your deck
Getting to know your deck
Deck lexicon
Activating, attuning & clearing your deck
How to activate your deck
Oracle deck attunement
Clearing your deck
Connecting with the cards
Immersive meditation for each oracle card
Guided reflection for each oracle card
Never-before-told creation story of every card

what's Included

Module 3


How to open sacred space
Setting the physical + energetic space

Working out the purpose of a reading 

How to get clear guidance

Understanding different card spreads

Rebecca's 10-step card reading process

Closing Sacred Space

Practical reading sheets


what's Included

Module 4


Foundations of communication

Being a clear channel

Practices and tools to anchor and embody spirit and intuition

Empowering your client

Preparing for a reading

How to read cards for others

Navigating self doubt

Holding space for others

Going blank & what to do when it happens

Oracle reading ethics

Business boundaries tips & tools

what's Included

Module 5


Discovering your unique calling with oracle cards

Developing your own process

Tracking your progress


what's Included

the difference

How is Certified Oracle Card Reader Training different from Rebecca’s membership, courses, workshops and books?

This training is certified, and you will become a certified card reader upon completion of your course work.

The content in this training is deeply unique to my other courses, membership and offerings.

The Certified Oracle Card Reader Training is a training that I have actively been developing over many years since I released my first oracle deck in 2018. It is the culmination of practices that I have been doing for almost 20 years since I began my spiritual journey and started working with oracle cards.

It brings together decades spent studying, researching and training in various mystic arts as well as lived experience and deep integration.

This training is not something that can be learned by reading books, it is an practical, hand-on experience that will help you read oracle cards with confidence and clarity like never before. And you're in charge: you get to choose which Rebecca Campbell oracle deck you want to work with throughout the training.

This really is the oracle card reader training I wish I'd had to support me on my journey.

the investment

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Do you long to work confidently with oracle cards and your unique intuitive wisdom?

Are you looking for a structured training that honors your unique experience and abilities?

Do you yearn to deepen your connection with your intuition through experiential learning, activations, meditations and practices?

This training is for you if

  • You feel drawn to the beauty of oracle cards
  • You are are curious about the unseen world
  • You want to truly embody and understand your intuitive gifts
  • You want a training that is recognised by professional body (the training is recognised by the CDP and counts towards xx hours of professional development)
  • You know that the spiritual journey never ends and the awakening process is not a finite destination
  • You want to learn how to anchor your intuition into the physical
  • You love oracle cards and want to confidently offer readings to others
  • You want a held supportive container to deepen your oracle card reading practice
  • You want to gain profound insight into the individual oracle cards created by Rebecca

This training is not for you if

  • You’re not interested in personal growth or gaining insight about your soul's purpose
  • You don't believe in intuition
  • If you are looking for finite answers and an academic text book training
  • You just want a certificate of completion
  • You only work with oracle cards to predict a future set in stone
  • If you are closed minded

Embody your intuition and receive clear guidance like never before.


Giving back

A percentage of all profits of the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training go to the following three charities whose initiatives align deeply with the intention and prayers of this training. The Songlines Initiative by Australia’s AIATSIS which supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to maintain and renew their indigenous song traditions. TreeSisters, a UK registered social change charity who are devoted leaders in global reforestation and feminine leadership. Charity Water bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries by raising money for region specific clean water projects.


How long is the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training?

The Certified Oracle Card Reader Training is designed for you to complete in your own time. There is xx hours of training materials for you to work through at your own pace.

How much does it cost?

$ USD: $1,999 USD

£ GBP: £1,699 GBP

€ EUR: €1,950 EUR

$ AUD: $2,899 AUD

$ CAD: $2,750 CAD

When registering, please ensure you choose the correct currency.

All prices include local sales tax.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes - if you can’t pay the full price upfront, you’re welcome to sign up to the payment plan. You’ll see this as an option on the payment/registration page here. If you have any questions about this, please email us at hello@rebeccacampbell.me

Are there any live calls or lessons?

No, this training is all hosted online for you to complete in a timezone that works for you.

Do I need an oracle deck to complete the training?

Yes, being hands on with your oracle deck is essential and practicing readings for yourself and others is an integral part of the training.

Will I get to choose which of Rebecca's Oracle Decks to be work with and be certified in?

Yes, you will choose one of Rebecca's decks to work with throughout the training.
You will have a choice of:
The Rose Oracle
The Healing Waters Oracle
The Starseed Oracle
Work Your Light Oracle
Ancient Stones Oracle **coming soon

Upon successful submission, you would then be certified in this particular oracle deck. e.g. Certified Reader of The Rose Oracle

Can I be certified in more than one Rebecca Campbell oracle deck?

Yes. Upon completing the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training, you will have the option of purchasing further bundles to become certified in other decks.

How long will I have to complete the training?

Whilst we encourage you to set a realistic timelines for yourself,  you are welcome to complete it at your own pace. You will have life long access to all training materials as long as the training exists.

Is there a Bursary for people who can’t financially afford the training?

Yes, to ensure the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training is accessible to all, we offer a small number of needs-based scholarships during each enrollment period. This bursary is intended to benefit people who genuinely cannot afford this course, but who truly feel called to undertake the training. Bursary Applications are now closed.


How long do I have to decide and register? Is there a deadline to sign up?

*** TBC - Enrolment for 2024 closes at midnight 31 October PT.  Enrolment will open again in late 2024.

Is the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training live with Rebecca?

No, this training is pre-recorded and hosted online for you to complete at your leisure and conveniently complete in your local timezone.

How will I receive the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training content - how do I get access?

The Certified Oracle Card Reader Training is accessible via Rebecca’s website (which we often refer to as the “Hub”), which is also a web app. Upon registration you’ll receive a series of welcome emails, with your login details. You will receive instant access to the full training.

How is the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training structured? Are there videos or workbooks?

The format of the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training includes videos (with English closed captions), and an accompanying workbook. All are shared within the website. You’ll get your own login details to access the training materials and will also be able to download workbooks to your computer or device.

Are all videos Closed Captioned?

Yes, all videos are available with English subtitles.

I don’t have a printer - will I need to print out the workbooks?

Some people prefer to use the workbooks printed out, but this isn’t necessary. It’s a personal choice - don’t feel obliged to print the workbooks as you can gain just as much from using them online.

How much time will I need to devote to this? Each day? Week? Month?

This largely depends on the individual. There are several videos of content for each of the five modules. In addition to that, there are workbooks with exercises, as well as meditations and practices for you to do on your own.  If you’re keen to work in flow with the momentum of the training you may wish to carve out a few hours per week, or devote an entire weekend to completing it.

How long will I have access to the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training?

You will have access to all training materials during the training as they are released and will not lose access to these after the training is finished.

As a student and alumni will I receive free access when the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training is run again?

You will have lifetime access to the content released within this training as long as the training is running.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for this training? Is there anything I need to buy?

Our only recommendation is that you have the oracle deck you will be working with. You may also like to have a journal to write in, although this can also be completed digitally within the online workbook if preferred.

If I have a question about anything, or need extra support how do I get help?

You’re welcome to email us at hello@rebeccacampbell.me and a member of our support team will respond to you.

Is there a Certified Oracle Card Reader Training online community?

Yes, the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training has a private Facebook community group which you can join if you wish, this is not a requirement however.

I am not on Facebook, can I still partake in the training? Will I be missing out on anything?

The private Facebook group is an optional space and not essential or required in order to experience or complete the training. The private Facebook community serves to bring students of the Certified Oracle Card Reader Training together to share experiences and will be monitored by a Community Manager.

Will I receive accreditation upon completion?

Yes, upon completion of the training and submitting your course work, you’ll receive an accreditation certificate.

Still have questions? Let us know by contacting support

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