Returning to the garden

Six weeks after giving birth I went on my first walk apart from my baby. It felt odd to be physically separate from him and it also felt necessary. The push-pull of being a parent. As I walked, I walked with who I now was. I felt in-between. Like a…

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The art of waiting

In our world of go go go, grow grow grow, the art of waiting is something that few of us have mastered. Now waiting is not to be mistaken for avoiding. True waiting comes when you are in the in between. You know where you are is not where you…

the other is now us

The other is now us

All of the things we are going through right now are things that were already going on across the globe (hunger, sickness, loneliness, loss of jobs, loss of homes and many more deeply sad things). The only difference is that right now as a planet, we are going through it…


Energetic upgrades. A new way of being. Integration. You are going through a period of awakening. Things are changing within you and at many levels. You are starting to remember ancient truths, and discovering more and more about who you are and why you incarnated. You may find that you…


Cracked open. It’s happening for you, not to you. The challenge of life is to keep your heart open when you most want to close it. To let life crack you open. To open through hurt and loss. To allow what is falling away to fall away. Being human is…


Fall Into my Arms: Surrender. Hold the opposites. Extremes of life. The Great Mother ushered you in when you took your first breath and she’ll be there when you draw your last. She knows how challenging life can be. That being human can be lonely and confusing. That the polarity and…

Hiraeth - Rebecca Campbell The Starseed Oracle


Hiraeth: Longing for home. Homesick for the stars. Hiraeth is a Welsh word that’s difficult to translate, but it refers to a certain longing or homesickness. A yearning for a home or a place to which we cannot return. This unexplainable, unshakable longing for ‘home’ is common in Starseeds and…


Letting go and creating space

So far this year has been teaching me of the importance of creating and making space in so many ways. Of putting on the handbrake rather than running from one thing to the next. Of trusting the timing of my life. I have a tendency towards sentimentality and holding onto…

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Do not disturb the seedling while it is tenderly at work. There are great mysteries that you are not a part of. Let it be let it be. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do not pull and poke and pry the bud open with your curiosity or doubt. There is intelligence at work that…

time is not running out

Time is not running out

Like so many I’ve spent the past year or so focusing on healing my nervous system. And it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! I remember a few years back when I realised that my ability to endure, push through and react to urgency had been my superpower….

You are not for everyone rebecca campbell

You are not for everyone

The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, will point blank not like you. But it is also filled with those who will love you fiercley. They are your people. You are not for everyone and that’s OK. Talk to the people who can hear you….

the tor

Whispers from Mother Earth

Glastonbury, April 2016 This period we are living in is a time of change, transition and healing – both on an individual and planetary level. The planet is changing at a cellular level and so are we. This lifetime is the result of many. This is the time we have…

What’s falling away?

What is falling away? What is wanting to uproot? What part of you is becoming harder to tie down? What is becoming less and less important? How is Life trying to change you? What is ready to move on? What is moving away from you? What is draining you to…

being in service is being in flow with the universe

Let the Universe use you

Being of service is merely being in flow with the Universe. The quickest way to fall into flow with The Universe is to allow it to use you. Anything any human has done, you can do too. This is not to say that you are intended to do what they…

Release The Petals_ The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

Shedding what was

As I sit here reflecting on what has without a doubt been the most outwardly amazing year of my life, a year where so many of my long term goals have come into form (book published with two more coming, wedding in a couple of days, finding true sacred sisterhood, teaching…

Fertile void_ the rose oracle_rebecca campbell

Dark Mother Kali Ma

Dark Mother Kali Ma, Thank you for rocking me and my foundations, when my soul cried for a way out. Thank you for stubbornly burning down the tower when I did not choose to walk out myself. Thank you for continuing to rip away all of the layers of protection…

anything inauthentic can no longer survive

Anything inauthentic can no longer survive

Anything inauthentic can no longer survive. Anything that is not in alignment with who we truly are is proving harder and harder to hold onto. Rugs are being pulled. Foundations are crumbling. Sometimes, the tower must fall. It’s as if the Universe is trying with all its mite to get our attention….

heart's deepest prayer

What’s your heart’s deepest prayer?

What’s your heart’s deepest prayer? Every heart has a deep prayer that make all the other desires, goals and wants look like background music. When we dive into the bountiful depths of our heart, this prayer pulls us towards it like the sun’s rays glimmering through the ocean or the…


Getting the call from Hay House

I feel like I’ve been searching my entire life and I know a lot of you can relate. I’d always had that niggling feeling that there was something I was supposed to be doing, something that I was here to do. This unshakable feeling found me spending my school holidays…