Poems & Prayers

the other is now us


Great Mother, May we stay in our uncomfortableness so we may heal. May we drop our defences so we may heal. May we stay in difficult conversations so we may heal. May we be clearly guided so we may heal. May we take consistent grounded action so we may heal. Please guide us,…

lady of the rose prayer

Lady of the Rose prayer

Help me be fully where I am as I wait for a future that does not exist yet. Help me soften my heart to those who are not capable of seeing me accurately. Help me be courageous with my boundaries knowing it is the kindest thing for everyone including myself….

standing on the edge of a threshold

Standing on the edge of a threshold

Standing on the edge of a threshold. The bit before the bit where everything changes. Where one step beyond here the only certainty is that life will be different. Taking a moment to take a breath in this moment between moments. This time outside of time. In the dead of…

I have music in my heart rebecca campbell

I have music in my heart

  I have music in my heart. Ancient mantras echoing in all four chambers. I have music in my heart. Harmonics reverberate from bone to bone. I have music in my heart. Melodies that whisper from just behind the veil. I have music in my heart. An inner rhythm pulsing…

rebecca campbell rose

A prayer for finding home

Divine Mother, Please whisper directions to where to go next. To the place that will be a vibrational match to who I am on the inside. Let it be a holy sanctuary, a home that is really a church. Let it be rejuvenating and replenishing and harmonious for my spirit….

Fertile void_ the rose oracle_rebecca campbell

Dark Mother Kali Ma

Dark Mother Kali Ma, Thank you for rocking me and my foundations, when my soul cried for a way out. Thank you for stubbornly burning down the tower when I did not choose to walk out myself. Thank you for continuing to rip away all of the layers of protection…

prayer for riding the wave of what is

A prayer for riding the wave of what is

A prayer for riding the wave of what is. Divine Mother, may I see the beauty in every experience. May I grow to refrain from labeling things as positive or negative and simply ride the wave of what is. May I meet my challenges with a cheer, knowing that these…

unbound_Work Your Light Oracle_Rebecca Campbell

The Mystic Always Rises

The Mystic always rises. As she let her soul sing her, she let go of  lifetimes worth of silenced truth missiles cemented in the deepest caverns of her soul. A voice snubbed out for centuries, for saying too much, for standing up too much, for being too much. Her intuition…

you're already doing it

You’re already doing it

The person you are trying to let go of. That heartbreak that feels too big to bear. You’re already doing it, And you’re closer than you think. The sadness that weighs on your shoulders. The heaviness that sits like an elephant on your chest. Breath by breath, you are moving…

Letter to a Lightworker

Video created by Rebecca Campbell and Shaun Richards.   LETTER TO A LIGHTWORKER I believe that you came into this life with a deep inner knowing of what you were here to do and an inner guidance system to make it happen. I’m not talking a carefully laid out path…

The Ever unfolding rose _ image from the work your light oracle by rebecca campbell

Making your life a moving prayer

  You were not born for the sidelines, for the nose bleeders or the wings. Raise the curtain, take the microphone, there’s a song you came to sing. You were born with a message, you have something unique to share. How can you surrender to your soul’s yearnings and make…



Don’t waste your time striving to become the person you long to be, spend your time being the person you already are. The person you long to be is already inside you. You do You. Say you long to be a writer. If you long to be a writer it…

rise sister rise_rebecca campbell

Rise Sister Rise

When your plans and schemes and your hopes and dreams beg for you to let them go. Rise sister rise. When the life you have so consciously created all comes crumbling down. Rise sister rise. When your soul is heavy and your heart broken in two. Rise sister rise. When…

the fertile void from the rose oracle by rebecca campbell

Whispers for the darkness

You have a light deep within. An inner bonfire that is always burning and craving to grow bright.  Right now it might be a small flicker of embers but no matter how dark, it’s always there waiting for the invitation to see you through the night. What came before or what…

Cracked-OpenThe Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell

When it all comes crumbling down

There comes a point in most people’s lives when we realise that we can’t keep up the fight. When it all comes crumbling down. Where we realise that the life we have consciously built doesn’t quite fit. Like that old pair of jeans one size too small. And no matter…

Image from the Starseed Oracle_Rebecca Campbell_Danielle Noel

This moment right here

This moment. This moment right here. You’ve been training for this moment  right here for lifetimes. No matter how difficult it feels right now – you have the strength, courage, heart, reserves and guts deep deep within to get through it.  And you will get through it. Way back, it’s…

Letter To A Lightworker

Letter to a Lightworker

I believe that we are all here for a reason. I believe that you have in you beauty that is waiting, no craving to be expressed. Unfolded. Opened. Released. Blossomed. Smelt. Remembered. Seen. Witnessed. Let out. I believe that before you were born you knew exactly how you wanted to express…