Daily Practice

triangle mirror REBECCA CAMPBELL

21 days of group devotion

  What an unexpected place we are in right now. So much is moving and changing. The only certainty seems to be change itself. As cyclic beings we know this, but it’s much harder to actually live it in extreme times such as these. At the beginning of the year after…

Rebecca Campbell opening soul space


Throughout all of my work and creations, my aim is to give you an experience of your own soul – to connect you to this greater part of yourself so you can receive guidance and creative ideas from within and embody every bit of who you came here to be….

How To Make An Altar

Making altars grounds me. My shamanic Mesa (essentially a portable altar not in this picture) is wrapped in the material from a baby pillow that the hospital gave my mum and dad because I came a month early and there was no mattress in the bassinet. I chose this material…

17 ways to stay grounded in winter

              One of the best ways to calm down anxiety running through your system is to get grounded. When we are grounded we are in our own body and able to differentiate what is ours and what we have picked up from other people….

Steven DaLauz

We were made for these times

‘Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.’ – Clarissa Pinkola Estes With everything that has been happening around the world of late I’ve been in a bit of a self-prescribed cocoon the past couple of months. After some considerable inquiry I can say that it is not because I am…

you can't buy devotion

You can’t buy devotion

You can’t buy devotion. Devotion can only be gathered by showing up over and over again with intention. In the Age of Light devotion is everything. What are you showing up to with devotion every day? As a leader of this new age your devotion is what will be felt….

Daily Practice: Heart Opener

Daily Practice: Heart Opener Your heart chakra extends all the way to the centre of your palms of your hands. A great way to activate the opening of your heart is to rub your hands together, gently pull them apart and notice the subtle energy you have created. Opened up….