How to be a lightworking lady boss

The thing that trips up so many lightworkers, healers, coaches and artists is a fear of making money for helping others. When I first started my business I struggled with this big time. The thought of asking people who were in personal crisis to pay me for helping them sent me into a…

high vibe film

Five great high vibe films

I know it’s probably seen as “unspiritual” but I love nothing more than getting my fave takeaway, snuggling up in bed with my laptop and zoning out while watching an awesome series or movie. It’s my fave way to relax, but it’s gotta be good. I’m not much of a reality…

transformational speaking

How to be a transformational speaker

About 2 months ago, I travelled to Santa Fe to hang out with my fears of public speaking with transformational speaking coach Gail Larsen and five other Lightworkers. I felt ready, but also pretty darn nervous as I knew that by the end of the five days I’d have to do a 20…