Barbie got real

barbie got real

barbie got real

So stoked to see this happening! For women, one of the most significant ways we stop ourselves from rising is through feeling something is wrong with us or not ready enough because of the way our body looks. We live in a society that idealises images of highly photoshopped, distorted reality women and looks at real women such as Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer as big, when they are not big at all, rather they are NORMAL, if not smaller than the average woman. With this constant bombardment of crazy body distortions through magazines and advertising, it’s no wonder that most of us are running on a body acceptance treadmill that never ever stops. We say if I could just lose a dress size or three, then I’d be happy with my body. 

Body acceptance does not mean getting to your ideal weight. It means loving your body and accepting our body as it is right now. We don’t need to love our body right now if that’s too tricky but we can begin to accept it – through choosing to see it with compassion and not compare ourselves with a distorted ideal that is not even real. Or just as bad, strive to reach some ideal size or shape that we were five years ago.

We are not living in a timeless world. We are living in a cyclic one. You are not meant to look a certain way for longer than that specific moment. We are ever changing cyclic beings who are here to experience change. To experience our soul in a human body over time. And human bodies are in a constant state of change. If we strive to reverse the clock or get back to a previous state we are going against the flow of Life.

In order to do the work we came here to do and truly rise, we need to be able to embody it fully, to hold the vibration of our message/calling/creations. And that starts with accepting our miracle of a body as it is, right now.