Are you an empath, mystic or lightworker?

empath, mystic, lightworker

empath, mystic, lightworker

Are you an empath, mystic or lightworker?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had this inner knowing that I was here for a reason and that there was something I was here to do. A natural empath and intuitive, I would feel what other people were feeling and thinking, but I had no idea what to do about it. My soul was calling me to get deeper into the world of spirituality and all things mystic, but I felt confused and weird. Two decades on, I’ve joined the dots and claimed my gifts as an empathic healer, intuitive, mystic and lightworker, but it was a pretty rocky road to get here!

Recently while skyping my friend Belinda Davidson (founder of School of the Modern Mystic) we were blown away by how similar our journeys were and how alone/weird we both felt as we discovered our empathic/intuitive/mystic gifts and what the heck it meant to be a lightworker!

We both felt really called to create this free podcast to support anyone out there who is struggling to claim their intuitive/empathic/mystical gifts and openly step into their highest calling. It’s our intention that through our sharing you feel less alone/weird and more supported to courageously answer your soul’s callings (and call in ‘your people’). This is the podcast that we most wanted to hear along our journey!

If your soul is yearning for you to serve, then make yourself a cuppa and press play, or click here to download and to listen on the go, because we recorded this one for you  x x x

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Check out Belinda’s beautiful site over here.

I'm not afraid, I was born to do this

  • Jennifer Cain

    This is a fantastic discussion. It resonated so truly with me also. Thank you for sharing! <3 xx

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed @jennifercain:disqus x

  • Half Asleep Studio

    Wonderful discussion! Resonated with me greatly. You have such a loving spirit, Rebecca & I loved learning about both of your journeys. Can’t wait for more! xx

  • Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks to both you and Belinda for sharing your journeys in this discussion – it was really lovely to listen to and I enjoyed hearing from both of you.
    As someone who’s only recently become aware of the spiritual world, say, in the last year or so, how would I actually ‘know’ if I am an empath? I’ve done lots of reading and research and believe that I am, as I definitely ‘feel’ other people’s emotions, have had a lot of health issues (and am investigating my chakras at the moment – I think my second and third are very depleted) and could swear that I sometimes just ‘know’ what others are thinking – but it’s not like I actually hear anything in a literal sense, I just get a strong feeling. I’m also confused because if that is an empathic gift, how can I use it to help people?!
    What I suppose I’m ultimately trying to ask is, how does someone determine whether they actually are an empath, or just highly sensitive? And is there a difference?

  • Ooh – also I should add I too have shared that ‘inner knowing’ – I’m kind of just figuring it all out!

  • Bree Locke

    I finally feel like people are speaking my language. I’ve always felt like the odd one out as l now know I have always been an empath, been extremely sensitive and a little by psychic, but hearing you both and meeting people along the way, i know there are more of us. Thank you both x

  • Hey @hayley_richardson:disqus, glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like you are getting in touch with all of your intuitive senses! Inner knowing = Claircogniziant, clear feelings = Clairsentient. I’ll add doing a blog post on all of the different types of intuition to my list, to explain that a bit more about them and how you can work with them etc. I do one on one spiritual mentoring sessions and Belinda has a great course over on her site if you fancy exploring some more 🙂

  • 🙂 Thanks @halfasleepstudio:disqus, really happy it resonated with you. 🙂

  • “WOW” Thank you ladies, I cried through most of this pod-cast. When I was a child I was extremely gifted but due to my childhood I shut my gifts down thinking I was crazy and would be sent to a mental intuition. I have always been highly empathic and for years it was my weakness rather than my gift. I have started to embrace this again but have found I am hyper sensitive to environments and people. I also asked just today for my guides to help me understand why I keep manifesting parking fines. I’ve had three in week. Since listening to your pod-cast I realise I am not paying enough attention to my intuition and had a golden “Arrhh” moment. I got so much from your pod-cast so thank you and sending you both heaps of love. X

  • The term “Come out Lightworkers” has been ringing in my head for the last two months, as more and more spirit guided people have been seeking me to help them rebrand. They were mostly people who did NOT work as healers/psychics/empaths, etc. They did accounting, writing, what-have-you, and the emails started like this: “Kat, maybe you can help…”

    Having working with Belinda for several years, both as designer and mentee, it doesn’t surprise me, but I haven’t been that open about my own abilities, for many of the same reasons.

    This was great to hear. Great to meet you. High five. 🙂

  • <3

  • SofiaWren

    This a great podcast very lovingly created. I love what Belinda says about the grief that has not been processed by the acknowledgement of the burning times. I have so many clients who are coming to me reporting memories. I recently discovered EFT can really help and recorded a video of me “coming out of the broomcloset” to help other people because I think we all deserve freedom to be who we are and believe what we desire to believe. So man of us are hiding and holding back on our gifts, I think a lot of Highly Sensitive people may also be sensitive because of past life evolution and unresolved wounding and put them at that vibration. Together we can heal the world. Your podcast is encouraging me as I am practicing with other friends to help clear their past life traumas and step into a bright soul journey full of light. I can’t wait to bring it out for more people to enjoy if it resonates with them at the gut level of intuition. <3 love the light.

  • Carly Hicks

    For months I had been seeing Belinda come up all over my social media as you explained in the podcast and then I seen her post this podcast tonight. I have never been more guided to anything as I have with yours and Belinda’s work.

    As a very young girl I felt the pain of others and most days it would overwhelm me. As I became older health issues arose and I began to retreat, I enjoyed my own company and started to follow what I now know is my intuition. Hearing you two speak is the first time I have truly felt connected to my purpose and the journey I am on.

    Thank you both so much for sharing and reinforcing where I am meant to be.

    Love and light,

  • I am so glad @carlyhicks:disqus! Keep hold of it and don’t doubt it. Keep shining your light.

  • Amen @SofiaWren:disqus. Thank you for your work x

  • Courtenay Gray

    I have been doing a bit of research and have discovered that this is possibly what I am. I have always been a gifted child. I have seen spirits all of my life and they approach me. I am also extremely sensitive and empathetic. I feel other people’s pain. Ever since being younger, I cannot stand to see people cry because I immediately start to cry. I have always been interested in the paranormal and often did lots of research in to spirits and aliens. I also have been collecting crystals and gemstones throughout my life. I am very good at giving advice even if I have not been in the situation. I always feel that I am walking on air or have a lighthouse surrounding me because I do always notice people staring. People always stare, from adults to young children. Also, I tend to come in to contact with people in the extremities in that people either love me or hate me.

    I have also always felt that I was different and have some specific mission from a higher power.I have been sent to help people and to make a difference in the world. I am not entirely sure what I am here for but I know I am supposed to be on a path and I have a feeling I am on that path but there is a lot of fog in front of me.

    I also believe in Reincarnation and Past Lives. I believe that I have a past life or many of them. I feel a strong to connection to London also, specifically Victorian London

  • Courtenay Gray

    I have also had dreams that have come true. I also had a vision once. I also have been thinking about saying something in particular and the person who I am with will say exactly what I was thinking in the words I was going to use. I also feel like I just know things, a strong conviction which a response from a person not like this would be ‘Well everybody thinks they know’ but I do. I just know.

  • Gunita Kohli

    Hi 🙂
    THat first image . The eyes one. Wheres that from ?

  • Ashley Taylor

    Hi Rebecca and Belinda. Earlier this week I received a number of intuitive messages which guided me to your podcast and I want to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to share your journey’s. I can see by the dates of the other posts that the recording is two or more years old but as you know, everything comes to us in Divine Right Time!

    I am a 40 year old man who has been through an amazing transformation over the past seven years. Like you, I always knew I was different but it took a move to the other side of the world (UK to Sydney) to ‘shake things up’ (or should that be ‘wake me up’) and discover and embrace who I am.

    The similarities in our journeys are incredible. Rebecca – your Louise Hay story was brilliant! I was also particularly relieved to hear you talk about past lives which have been a theme for me, especially meeting people in this lifetime who I’ve shared one or more past lives with. Each time I’ve found the energy between me and the person to be incredibly intense and letting go hard to do. I’m very interested to hear if either of you have experienced this too?

    Love and light