2017 message + A tool for highly sensitives

Work Your Light:

What is the soul shift that is happening for you right now? What old soul patterns have an expiry date? Give it potency by voicing it in the comments below.



  • NewAgeHipster

    Ah I so relate to this, so much! I have also been feeling some lifts, and I’ve been working with Gaia + Light so much lately too. 😀 THANK YOU For this video! <3 x

  • Hannah Clark

    What a wonderful msg, thank you so much Rebecca and wishing you so many blessings and light for 2017 and the next 9 years 🙂 <3

  • Yvette Vuaran

    I’m so happy you’re going to record ‘The Pillar of Light’ meditation. It’s my favourite meditation ever. Lots of love to you Rebecca 💗💗💗

  • Emily Nicol

    Ahh Bec, brilliant video! I felt all that you described, around the timing and shifts in energy, had exactly the same thoughts, I kind of felt like a weight lifting when the world (media at least) caught up and brought a lot of things to the surface and light, as you mentioned it is the only way that things can be dealt with and so there was almost a sense of excitement. For me, I have been getting guidance to just sit in silence as a way of rejuvenating my system and being in contact with my soul and being able to receive guidance. I’ve been doing a lot of guided meditation over the years but it’s clear to just sit with myself and replenish. I also met someone, another empath, randomly at an event one night and we had an interesting discussion, and transmitted some interesting information and since that conversation my path forward has become a bit clearer. I get this sense also, like the time has come, as you put it, showing up to the job. I feel a groundswell of strength underneath me that feels very solid and supportive of me doing my soul work that I came here to do. I don’t feel the need to rush in to things, I feel the need to just take things very slowly, there is not the usual beginning of the year urgency to go out and conquer. I like that this is a shared sentiment and feels right for the beginning of a new cycle. Thank you again and keep shining xoxoxo

  • Claire

    Hi Rebecca – this resonated so deeply with me. I felt a sense of lightness following the US election results as well. It was strange feeling, it was like finally I had evidence to back up following my path and the need to follow the light. I’ve also felt since the new year and the start of the 1 cycle an urge to step up more, to show up in my totality and be less scared to shine my light. Thanks for everything that you do and having the courage to shine the light before us. Claire x

  • Holly Bryant Parks

    Empaths are the air(energy) purifiers of the world! Yes! I love the description of empaths! This finally made something click for me about absorbing energy. What you said about not wanting to shut it off necessarily but rather instead of absorbing and reverberating this amplifying the energy, working to clear and transmute the energy you receive and thus sending out cleansed energy. It made me think of empaths as the “air purifies” of the world. Like we have a purpose and it’s not just to get bogged down by all the dense energy we encounter. BRILLIANT!

  • Karen Peters

    Hi Rebecca
    Thank you for putting your finger exactly on the spot! Sending out pure white light and love instead of stale old recycled energy! Yes, yes, YES!

    Two things happened for me towards the end of 2016 and they marked huge shifts in my perception … and absolute realisations, although to an observer maybe nothing (at first) had changed.

    The first was actually soon after midsummer. My partner and I enjoyed the most beautiful late tea-time to dusk drive right through the middle of Wales. The land was arrayed in all her golden hued glory and for a short while for me (I was not the driver thankfully) I was so utterly part of nature, I was so assured of my place in her and of her and the joy of that absolute assurance that I realised then that we still walk in paradise. We did not fall from grace. ‘I’ did not fall from grace. We are all wholly grace-full, as soon as our perception shifts to let us see that clearly.

    The second was at the end of October. We had a beautiful weeks holiday in Marrakech. If you have ever visited you will know that it is perhaps one of the busiest, bustlingest places on earth, especially in the night time when the marketplaces burst into life.

    However, oddly enough, it was there that by chance, sitting in a hammock on a roof garden in the middle of it all for days on end, I realised that there was no rush. None at all. That all will unfold and happen as it should and as it must without any effort on my part. That if anything, my task was to hold the place of stillness within and shine that light without to support others to also find there inner pool of calm.

    And when I read everyone’s feedback and experience I hear that we are together in these realisations – a groundswell of energy and light and I love it that our wave is becoming an ocean.

  • MermaidJayne

    Oh my gosh you just perfectly described what I was feeling. At first when your email said this is going to be the best cycle ever, I was like really, seriously, are you sure?

    But then I watched the video and I can completely relate. I have felt lessening of that fear. The fear that I shouldn’t speak as passionately and loudly about women’s rights especially when I heard people say things that irked me. I feel like this year and this cycle, I will no longer be holding back.

    It’s all out there for everyone to see, like you said. We don’t live in as civilised and tolerant a society a day so many of us so desperately wanted to believe. But as an empath had been feeling the inequality in our society for a long long time and I was sooooo frustrated that not everyone got it. But now everyone can see it.

    And that means when I speak up. When I get passionate, no one now can say I’m going after ghosts or irrelevant issues. There’s no turning your back on it now. In fact the world has shifted to be a world for activists now, which is what most of us empaths are on some level.

    So yes, 🙏🙌✊️ to speaking and living our truth with fear no more. Or well less fear. Which is good enough because it lets ou speak up. 😊 Looking forward to your videos.

  • Sandra Lynn Russell

    Thank you Holly for that analogy Love it and all Sisters

  • Sandra Lynn Russell

    Before I watched your Video Rebecca I was analyzing (What We empaths tend to do) rather or not to take an active part of the Women’s March on the Mississippi Gulf Coast tomorrow afternoon.
    I want to say I am grateFull for you as well MermaidJayne for your perspective.
    So tomorrow Sisters I shall Spread Our Light and March for She

  • Sandra Lynn Russell


  • Jacki B

    Huge shift!! Focus on me and an intent each day on (as you put it) “filling up” first, before offering out to the world and before fulfilling purpose… Funny re: Goals – SAME!
    Very calm with all that is going on (even with the ridic travel), and feeling very balanced I think – definite loss of fear – A feeling that it is all as it should be.. and often.

    Bring on these 9 years!

    Love you, great video.

    Jacki B


  • Patti Tucker

    Thank You Rebecca. This video resonates with me in so many ways. Since October of 2016 my shadow (ego) roared her gnarly head and I was forced to work through lots of “stuff”–coming out the other side much lighter. 🙏🙏The biggest shift has been that by accepting my shadow I seem to be able to live without judgement of self or others. As the shift continues I find myself living more internally, observing my external world with much more compassion. The acceptance of all my stuff, created space for compassion to arise. And, YES the need for anchoring into Mother Earth with the daily connection to the divine along with the light workers prayer (which I use often!!) fuels my rising!
    Happy New Year as we offer the light to Rise SISTER RISE!!!
    Much love form Canada!

  • Charrine NA Naziel-Lace

    For the past three months I have been really taking care of my emotions and actions to bring myself out of the darkness that has taken over my body the past three years. I have been meditating and listening to getting back into the light. It has taken till this month to really feel FREE from black muck. I have been more physically active, socially active and soulfully active.

    I am also starting to concentrate on my art, writing and creating before the wild herbal harvesting starts in the late spring here in northern BC. I have a larger list of herbs I am drawn to harvest this year and am hoping I don’t miss them as in previous years. I am looking forward to make my community know the real me and help them find their real selves as well. It’s going to be such a great 9 years. Keeping up with my new pace is going to be so much fun. Thank you for coming into my spiritual guidance team to help me through this personal journey in this lifetime. I truly appreciate you and your message. <3

  • Elsie Wilson

    Thank you Rebecca for this video and especially the meditation for clearing the spine. I love the image for the light from above going through us down into Earth and back up. Through the election and since there has been so much negative energy floating and ready to be absorbed. Yet, I have been feeling a general releasing of so much that was needing dealing with. People are responding with the call to speak up and out and not take for granted that there are no needs. While I feel this will result in a powerful shift in energy in the next nine years, right now we have a sacred need to help purify this energy and not mirror it back out. At the same time as Empasths we need to care for our own needs….help ourselves so we can help the world. Your meditation tool is so lovely, clearing and affirming. Sending love and light to you for 2017.

  • Maria Nielsen Kilde

    My soul shift is about my grounding. My strength. The feeling of,that i have chosen to be here on earth before i was born, and now i have to choose it again and live it. It’s a really big thing for me, that i first was being aware of for some months ago. a feeling i have got all my life, a feeling of always wanted to be out there, in the stars, in another world. But now i really see i have to bere HERE 🙂 And now, here in january the journey began, starting on a new education and so on. So yes, my grounding and the choice to really be here on earth right now.
    Thank you for your video. We do not have to take on the fears in the world. Thank you for saying that, and the exercise <3 it is one i will use <3

  • Kate Ballo

    Hi Rebecca, you are such an exquisite light. Love your authenticity. Thank you for the video. I found that i have been pushing myself so much, especially towards the end of 2016 bc my purpose was unearthed and i felt this sense of duty you spoke of, but as of 3 days ago i have released all caffeine and i really believe that if i can continue honoring my nody’s natural rhythms and can find more of a balance with my current purpose, being a mother to two little ones and being a loving wife and friend, my purpose will flow to me much more naturally. I think i was chasing it and nothing likes to be chased. I want to step into receive mode much more often and fill up my cup so that ev thing else flows forth much more naturally. Thanks you for the work you do. It’s so needed and so beautiful. Xx k

  • Veronica Macpherson

    Absolutely resonate with your video, as my two soul shifts have been about letting go of striving…of the masculine energy of endurance and that feeling of urgency to do my work, and instead just continuing to hold the same intentions of service but approaching it with a more feminine energy whereby I continue to work but just allow things to drop in with Divine Timing, knowing that the Universe is at work as well and putting my faith in that….making sure my well is filled up and allowing more time for ‘playfulness’, as it’s when we are truly joyful that we are fully open….this is part of manifesting the visions we receive. My other soul shift is about keeping my energy fields clear…of not feeling responsible for other people’s emotional wellbeing…of allowing myself to feel what I feel, simply observing it without reacting to it….and just holding space for whoever it may be to journey into their light at their own pace, and sending them loving kindness…2016 was a massive year of changes and have really felt the 9 year completion and New Beginnings for 2017…there is definitely a universal shift in energy and it’s beautiful…Love and Light Sisters…Ronnie xox

  • Angela Digance

    Thank you Rebecca. Your heart filled words heal and make sense of my own experiences. You manage to speak to the heart of many looking at the responses below. I’m a primary school teacher in the U.K. -A very over whelming demanding environment in the current political climate. Your meditations and words have helped to nudge me into feeling more centred and more able to learn and not take things so personally or feel swamped by negativity around me. I face big changes in my life but I choose to remain happy and optimistic for the majority of the time. Rise Sisters Rise!! Xxx

  • Sandra Lynn Russell

    This wonderFull short meditation came to my rescue this morning when I was on the verge of an anxiety moment
    My healing has excelled since I started studying and using all the tools and gifts of knowledge and wisdom Rebecca
    So Very GrateFull

  • Sandra Lynn Russell

    The Pillar Of Light

  • Gitana Styling

    Hi Rebecca! Loved this video. You always transmit so much beauty and peace. Thanks for deciding to make more this year. We will watch them for sure! My last 9 years were hard core too and I finally started feeling a shift this past 2016. I feel like 2016 was all about changes, getting rid of things that didn’t work and taking a new direction. I have a strong feeling that this new cycle will be so much better for a lot of us. My mentality has changed so much and I have experienced so many different soul shifts. One of them, to show up to my work because is my duty instead of showing up because I need to advance in life. This new point of view has given me peace and it allows me to slow down and do what feels right and operate from a place of certainty, love, respect and more. It’s really different and I’m excited for what’s coming. Wishing you, this community and everyone around the world a wonderful 2017. I really believe all that has happened until now has been amazing – even though it may have felt bad at times or many times – because it has prepared us for what’s coming. It’s all part of the journey and I think this new journey is full of beautiful things!

  • Paula Ferrant

    Hey Rebecca, so much of this message resonated with me, Firstly I didn’t realise I was an empath until I heard your description, I just thought that was me…secondly a guy whom I have loved for 16 years,( but had tried to move on from) has this week got in touch and wants to talk about us, I have no idea where this is going but for him to suggest communication is out there… and thirdly I feel that Trump is going to be the catalyst for waking us up, in that the peoples voice will be heard, not because I think he is good but because he causes such a reaction, that previously quiet people will feel they have to join in the protests and take responsibility their part of what is happening in the world. This was predicted 30 years ago by Benjamin Crème so it is amazing to see it unfolding. Thank You for the book too xXx

  • Melissa Stanton-Matthews

    Wow this was as always just at the right time. I have been feeling overwhelmed, angry and unsettled the past few days and through m journalling I have questioned weather or not it is the unrest within the World at the moment that I am taking on.
    As an empath I know I need protect myself and be aware of the world problems but not take them on so personally!

    All of the hairs on my arms stood on end when you mentioned the new channelling you have been doing. Since the start of 2017 I have had a strong feeling when in meditation to receive the energy from above (the universe) and below (Mother Earth) to join within me and the feeling is one of peace and soft feminine power.

    No matter where the we are in the world we are all connected to one another, women standing shoulder to shoulder, fingers entwined with each other, hearts open and proud to be truly and authentically us. No shame from past lives no shame from outdated systems, We are one, We are She and finally, FINALLY we are seen.

    And so it is xxxx

  • Kay Smith

    I am shifting away from striving and struggling to trusting and receiving.

  • Mel

    Empathic!!!! I have never come across this word until I watched your vlog, & wow….can relate to everything you mentioned!
    I’m a total sponge & have always taken on everyone’s stuff. Thank you for the lesson in helping clean this out & focus on my feelings & energy💖
    Lots of love

  • cate hudson

    I love this video and message, thank you Rebecca! I have definitely felt a shift in the last few months and it has already changed my life positively! I can’t wait to grow and share the next 9 years with you and all of the women in the rise sister rise sisterhood. Xx love and light, Cate 💗⭐️

  • The soul shift that is happening for me right now is from believing that I can’t do “it”/anything, to KNOWING that if I practice devotion to being in alignment, I can do ANYTHING that my soul desires. Love your work Rebecca x

  • Claire Davies

    Thanks veronica I feel as if i could have written the comment myself, same same